Thursday, August 28, 2008

Summer ’08 Comes to an End

As Labor Day weekend begins, it is only fitting to take a look at the Summer of 2008 and evaluate how it has been. WOW, did this Summer SUCK! I actually refer to it as the drought of ’08. This has been one of the worst years for Film Production in St. Louis in about FIVE years. No Projects came through. I take that back, one did, but it’s budget was SO LOW, that the day before shooting began, I was let go because my tiny paycheck was too high.

It started off great though. I returned from working on ‘Confined’ in California in May and with several freelance gigs set up, it seemed to be rather promising. But the freelance jobs tapered off, and I surrendered and went back to working at a bar/nightclub. I work at Bar 101. The environment is pretty good. NO where near as stressful as Club Buca was. I started at the South St. Louis County Bar 101, until they opened the new Bar 101 in Soulard, which opened on August 21. So I’m working as often as I can to get all my bills caught up. It shouldn’t be too hard, but without any serious income, it will take A LOT longer than I would like.

I also am keeping my fingers crossed that a feature film some friends are producing has all their funding come through. That way they can shoot in September as planned. That would be nice. I have been assured a position on that crew and that would REALLY help me out.

I am also beginning to look outside of St. Louis for work. I know you all know my strong desire to help build a production community in St. Louis, but I have to pay my rent. I have been getting prospects through some friends I have worked with on other projects, and we should know about a few soon. I have also begun to look at other possible avenues of production, including podcasting, web design and a few others. My steps have been slow, but I hope to be moving forward shortly after Labor Day.

On a few positive notes, I did work on a couple shorts this Summer. None of my own, but still a little extra experience always helps. I even acted in one of them. Yeah, Me… ACTING. Who knew? Oh, and from the small role I played in ‘Holiday Baggage’ in Chicago, I have my first acting credit on the IMDb. So, two acting roles this year isn’t that bad. Also, steps are still being made for two documentaries I’m helping with.

But the big film on my plate is the Documentary I’m producing and directing, ‘Small Town Boy, Real American Hero’. We have spent a few days here and there getting more footage and several interviews for the film. I anticipate big moves over September and October for the project. I’ll keep you all updated as things move forward.

Well, there it is. I think 2008 has been a MONUMENTAL year for me so far, just this Summer SUCKED. Thanks for dropping by and be sure to keep September 5 marked on your calendar. It is a VERY important day. Be sure to ask if you don’t know why. Talk you again soon.