Thursday, December 30, 2010

2010: The Year in Review

What can I say about 2010? It has probably been one of the craziest years of my life. Possibly, one of the best and most educational! Now, I know I leave my personal out of my blogs, and that isn’t about to change now, but let’s just say with my illness in February, which sucked, on the seriously bad down side, I also had a pretty damn good up side in my personal 2010.

And now, the big stuff! Looking back, I’ve worked in 4 States: Missouri, Illinois, Michigan and Louisiana. In those four states, I’ve worked on 6 Features, Reshoots for a Feature, 4 Short Films, 1 National Cable TV Program, 1 Commercial, plus produced the trailer for an up-coming Feature. Here’s the list as it breaks down:

The Frontier Boys – (Charlevoix, MI)-Grooters Productions – Feature Film – First AD
Joint Body –(Alton, IL)–40 West Productions – Feature Film – 2nd AD
Mil Mascaras: Venganza Azteca –(Columbia, MO)–Tritium Films – Feature Film –1stAD: Reshoots
Left Alone – (Chicago, IL) – Dark Yard Films – Short Film – 1st AD
All You Can Dream – (Grand Rapids, MI) – All You Can Dream, LLC – Feature Film – 1st AD
Using – (Bloomington, IL/Chicago, IL)–Phenom Features – Feature Film – Production Supervisor
The Bloodfest Club – (East Alton, IL)–Crunchy Cool Films – Short Film – 2nd AD
L’Ecole Culinaire Commercial – (St. Louis, MO)–Charter Cable – Commercial – PA
5 to Die For – (St. Louis, MO)–Food Network/Follow Productions – TV Program - PA
Witches Playground – (Alton, IL)–Dead of Night Films/ACE Films – Trailer – Producer
Zombie Hamlet – (Baton Rouge, LA)–Zombie Hamlet, LLC – Feature Film – KEY PA
The Door – (Baton Rouge, LA)–Upload/The Door Movie LLC – Feature Film – 2nd 2nd AD
Untitled Christmas Short – (St. Louis, MO)–Pascal Creative/ACE Films – Short Film – Producer, Actor
Surprise, Surprise – (St. Louis, MO)–Pascal Creative/ACE Films – Short Film – Producer

Now, I don’t believe that I left anything off, if I did I apologize and will update it IMMEDIATELY, just let me know.

I’m just so proud of the fact that I have worked so much this year. Rounding the days a little, my math puts me having worked on set or in the production office for prep or wrap over 135 Days this year. That is pretty impressive. The most I’ve ever pulled off. I really felt like my career, NO QUESTIONS ASKED, was working in film. Something I have been on the fence about for while.

Yes, I still work in the bar industry. So must give respect to my friends, the amazing staff at Bobby’s Place in Valley Park, MO. They have been amazingly understanding as I came and went this year, always being supportive of me chasing my dream, and more to the point this year, LIVING MY DREAM!

And a huge Thank You to all my friends and colleagues in the Film Industry who have shared their amazing knowledge with me, and continue to call me for work. I truly love you all. And to a special group, My Jedi Council, I thank you for referring me for jobs and giving me the chance to really prove myself even more this year. I hope I continue to make you proud, while you continue to teach me more each and every day.

Thank You Everyone for an AMAZING 2010 and I look forward to what 2011 has in store!