Thursday, November 24, 2011

Giving Thanks 2011

So with it being Thanksgiving for 2011, I thought I would take a moment and express what I’m thankful for this year. Now, there are two main things I’m thankful for: The work I’ve been fortunate to get AND my amazing family and friends!

Now, I’ll list out what I’ve been working on this year in a moment, but more important than all the work, is how awesome the people I have in my life are. I’ve been fortunate to see my relationship with my family get a little stronger. With my parents and my brother, I’ve felt more love and support recently than I have in a long time, as well as support for my chosen career path. Also, I’m more than thankful for my awesome friends. They keep me sane when my world falls apart, they keep my smiling when I’ve fought off the tears, and reminded me to stay strong when things get stressful… They are amazing!!! Plus, there are my friends who share work with me! Whether it be forwarding me job info, hiring me for work, or working side-by-side on set, you all make what I do the best career in the world! I truly love and cherish those I call MY FRIENDS! I do NOT take any of you for granted! Thank You All!!!

Now, this year has been busy. Each year the work load get a little larger, the number of projects gets a little longer, and the projects get bigger! God, I love what I do!!! So here is a list of what I’ve work on this year, pretty much in order:

I attended the 2011 Sundance Film Festival as Egyptian Theater Manager
Redneck Wedding –(Fredericktown, MO)–CMT/Pink Sneakers–TV Show– PA
Innova Commercial – (STL, MO) – Visual Story Group – Commercial – 1st AD
Touchstone Electric Cooperatives – (STL, MO) – Bus 9 – Commercial – PA
Best Thing I ever Ate 5 – (STL, MO) – Food Net/Authentic – TV Show – PA
Damiou Music Video – (STL, MO) – Beautiful Beef – Co-Producer
I attended the Tom Malloy Film Financing Seminar
Vampyras – (Columbia, MO) – MU Films – Feature – 1st AD
The Philly Kid – (Baton Rouge, LA) – After Dark Films – Feature – 2nd AD
Final Witness – (Springfield, IL) – ABC/Lincoln Square Prod. – TV – 2nd AD
The Drunk – (Terre Haute, IN) – Tanoos/Fleschner Prod. – Feature – 1st AD
Call Me on Tuesday – (Sauget, IL) – Kalinga Prod. – Feature – 2nd 2nd AD
The Bathroom Door – (STL, MO) – Inspired Productions – Short – 1st AD
Truth Music Video – (STL, MO) – Beautiful Beef – Steadicam Op
Breakout Kings –(Baton Rouge, LA)–20th Cent. Fox/A&E–TV Show– Set PA

WOW… What a GREAT YEAR! And Breakout Kings will be shooting through February 2012, so I’ll be working on the show for a while, and still be heading to the 2012 Sundance Film Festival. So even now, I can say 2012 looks to be a GREAT year as well!!! I’m even planning a few of my own productions! Lots on the horizon!

Thank You All! I love you all and the support you shown me this year! Stay in Touch and let me know what you’ve been up to! I’d love to hear from everyone! Happy Thanksgiving!!!!

Oh yeah, and the Cardinals won the World Series!!! 11 in '11!!!