Thursday, October 3, 2013

One Small Step… One Giant Leap!

Well, I promised you all my big news, so I guess I shouldn’t keep it from you any longer.  In order to keep working more and making more money in the film industry, I’ve decided to move to Chicago, IL for the next 18 months.  Now, I know I am one of the strongest proponents of staying to build an industry, but I must be honest with myself and seek more work and more profitable work.  I need to put my DGA card to use more.  Plus, I see so many others who come back to St. Louis and MO when the work does come, that I am not worried.  I will be close enough that I can easily come back for a short or long production.  And please also know that I plan to stay involved with St. Louis and Missouri Production organizations to help continue to build our industry up.  This move is only slated for 18 months, and I could very well be back in St. Louis full time after that.  Only time will tell.  Please know that St. Louis and Missouri are my beloved home and that will never change.  I’ll always rather work on St. Louis productions than anywhere else.  And when I finally get my own short underway, it too will be shot in St. Louis.  Don’t be surprised if you catch me over the next few weeks, the move will take several trips between STL and Chicago.  You know I will miss you all in St. Louis, so drop me a line anytime!  OK, back to packing.