Wednesday, December 31, 2008

2008! What a YEAR! But, Where did it go?

Is it me, or did 2008 seem to go by WAY too damn fast? It seems like I was just returning from California a couple of months ago and then BANG the year is over.

As most of you know, the last few hours of any year is when I like to regroup, recap and recount just what the hell actually happened over the past 12 months. Over 2008 there was ups and downs. And when I mean ups and downs, they were REALLY up and REALLY down. The downs were personal, and those I will not get into here. On the positive side of 2008, let’s look back at what projects I’ve worked on over the past 12 months:

PrimeTime with Mark and Tone (Radio Show) – Co-Host (on 89.5 FM – KCFV) (Continued through Mid-May)

The Thacker Case (Feature Film) – Key Set Production Assistant – Illinois Unit (Shot in Alton, IL)

2008 Sundance Film Festival – Volunteer Theater Manager – Egyptian Midnight Team

The Switch: Liberate Your Brand – Freelance Productin Assistant / Camera Operator (continued throughout 2008)

Baggage (Feature Film) – 2nd 2nd Assistant Director (Shot in Chicago, IL)

Confined (now called: The Awakened) (Feature Film) – Key Set Production Assistant, 2nd Unit 1st Assistant Director (Shot in Cool, CA)

Pinks: All Out/All Outtakes (Television Program) – 2nd Unit Production Assistant (Shot in East St. Louis, IL and Around St. Louis, MO)

Morning Rounds (Short Film) – Glidecam Operator, Grip/Electric, Actor (Shot in St. Louis, MO)

The Doubtful Martyr (Short Film) – 2nd Unit Gaffer and Boom Operator (Shot in St. Louis, MO)

The Switch: Liberate Your Brand – Directed One Live Production

The Morning Jolt (Radio Show) – Featured Guest (on 89.5 FM – KCFV, and starting Fall ’08 online at and the KCFV iTunes Radio Station)(Continued the rest of 2008)

Charter “Cable Theft” Commercial – Production Assistant

Microsoft/Energizer Corporate Video – Production Assistant

Rock of Love: Bus (Television Program) – Production Assistant

Legacy of Shadows (Documentary) – Glidecam Operator, Consultant

KCFV 2008 Election Night Coverage – On-air Host (on 89.5 FM – KCFV, and online at and the KCFV iTunes Radio Station)

2008 St. Louis International Film Festival – Venue Captain – Tivoli Theater

Bedlam Street (Feature Film) – Glidecam Operator, Grip/Electric

Stiletto Kittens (Short Film) – 1st Assistant Director

Christmas Stalking (Short Film) – Director of Photography

So that was two radio shows plus election coverage, two national television programs, two film festivals, four short films, four feature films, and countless other freelance projects. I can honestly say that this has been a MONUMENTAL year for me. I have come so far and still have so much room to grow. Thank you to everyone who helped make this year so wonderful. I look forward to 2009 being even better.

Check back tomorrow, when I’ll post my New Years Resolutions and plans for 2009. Thank you again! Have a Safe and Happy New Year!

Sunday, December 7, 2008


That’s right! It’s finally happened. You all have been asking for it and when it would be available. That day has arrived!

I was able to load my Demo DVD to my website. Please head over and check it out. Then leave me a comment and let me know what you think. You can see my Demo DVD at:

Then, Click on the Samples Page. There are 8 videos online, and the interface is a Flash video that is exactly the DVD Menu. So it is easy to navigate. Here are list of the videos available:

1. Film - The Demo Trailer for ‘Streetballers’ – produced before the film was shot
2. Film - The Short Film ‘A Fire Set on Fire’ – From the 2005 48-Hour Film Project
3. Music Video – ‘Lean Back’ by Varcity
4. Music Video – ‘That Fire’ by Arty J
5. Music Video – Project Steadfast
6. Other Projects – Envy Me Long Promo Video
7. Other Projects – Audaphobia Television Program – One Episode Open and Close
8. Other Projects – Big Brothers, Big Sisters Event Footage

I will be more than happy to answer any and all questions about the videos. All 8 videos were shot using my Panasonic DVX 100 Cameras, and I shot most of the videos. I had a small amount of help from Jason Osborne on the ‘Streetballers’ Demo Trailer and I shot part of ‘A Fire Set on Fire’, plus I shot all the GlideCam footage in the film. I did run one of the cameras for the Project Steadfast Video, with two other operators on the other two cameras. I also edited everything except the first 3 videos.

Be sure to jump over to my website and take a look at my Demo DVD and tell me what you think. I look forward to hearing your comments.

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Week of Ups and Downs

I got back on set this week. I worked as the First Assistant Director on a short film, ‘Stiletto Kittens’. It is the Senior Overview Project for Erin Marie Hogan. I’ve worked with Erin and her boyfriend Nick on several projects over the past few years, and it was a pleasure to work with them again. Also, I was able to work with several other local crew members who I’ve worked with in the past. It was definitely nice to get back on set and do what I love to do.

The down side of this week is that I found out that the board at St. Louis Community College is not going to consider my application to become a part-time instructor at the Florissant Valley Campus because I do not have a Masters Degree. Even a friend, who asked me to apply for the job, doesn’t agree with the schools decision. My experience of over a decade should amount for something. Especially in a field like video production that requires more hands on experience, than book smarts. So it doesn’t look like I’ll be teaching in 2009.

All I can do is wait and see what the last few days of 2008 hold in store for me. I do have BIG news coming tomorrow, and, of course, I’ll be doing my Year in Review at the end of December. So check back.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Improving Life and Sad Deaths

Well, I have been meaning to post a blog for sometime now, but have been quite tied up. Aside from still struggling to get back on track financially, I have had a pretty good week or so. But when things go well, something is bound to come crashing down. Damn Murphy’s Law!

Well, on the up side, I was able to get back onto a film set and work a day on a small, no-budget film in St. Louis entitled ‘Bedlam Street’. There are some stills from the shoot in my photo galleries. I was brought on the shoot because I know the AD, Tim Gorry, who is also the GM of KCFV where I do my radio work. I also know actor James Gianoulakis who helped put in a few good words. I came on the film for one day so far to do some Glidecam/Steadicam work and assist with other aspects of the production including assisting the Gaffer with G/E. I hope to be able to get a few more days on the shoot, but only time and my crazy schedule will tell. I truly do miss being on set all day long.

Also, the St. Louis International Film Festival is going on through the 23rd at multiple venues around St. Louis. I worked on three films screening. I was a Co-Producer on ‘Streetballers’, which had a SOLD OUT screening yesterday at the Tivoli; I worked the reshoot for the ending of ‘The Doubtful Martyr’, which screens during St. Louis Filmmaker Showcase Shorts Program 1 on Thursday night at 5 PM at the Tivoli; and I worked the second unit/exterior shoot on ‘The Thacker Case’ up in Alton, IL, which screens on Friday night at the Tivoli. Aside from the screenings for these films, I am working 4 other nights at the Tivoli for SLIFF. I worked the Opening Night this past Thursday and Tonight, Sunday. I still have Monday night and Wednesday night, both at the Tivoli. So I encourage you to come by, say “Hi”, and catch one of the shows screening.

Another big thing in my world, I have decided to push forward on a short film I recently came up with. I have to work a few details out for a location and some resources I need at that location, but I have faith I could be shooting between Thanksgiving and Christmas. I even had a long meeting with the actress I plan to use, and she is excited about the film.

Overall, the past week has been pretty uplifting. Of course I could use more money coming my way. In fact, I even got news about how that might become a reality soon as well. Things have definitely been looking up.

Now for the bad news… As you know, Murphy’s Law always screws with things. Well, I got news Saturday that my Dad’s Sister in Brazil lost her husband. My dad’s Brother-in-Law, my uncle passed away either Friday or Saturday. I don’t have any specific details. Then tonight on my way to the Tivoli to work for SLIFF, I got a phone call asking about a friend posting on his MySpace page. I made one phone call to get details and got the sad truth… A friend, Daniel Rivera, whom I had seen at Mandarin, where he worked, the night before while attending a SLIFF function, died late Saturday night, early Sunday morning. I worked with Danny at Club Buca and Bar 101. I don’t have details other than it was a car accident. Now, I am extremely frightened, because as you know, deaths usually happen in 3s. So I’m afraid of who might be number 3. As a show of respect to Danny, I have changed my profile photo to a special photo created by a friend to honor Danny. I will leave it on the memorial photo for at least Monday, November 17, 2008. I will most likely repost it when I learn more details about services and so forth.

Rest In Peace, Both of You! And DAMN MURPHY’S LAW!

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Live on the Radio and Internet Now!

Tuesday, November 4, I’ll be live on the radio. I’ll be on KCFV 89.5 FM. It is the Low Power station broadcasting from St. Louis Community College at Florissant Valley. It has about a 10 to 15 mile radius around North St. Louis County.

I’ll be on The Morning Jolt from about 9 AM until 12 Noon. Then I’ll be commenting on election night coverage from about 6 PM all night long. We are expecting to broadcast until about 1 or 2 AM. We’ll mixing commentary with updates on election results.

Now, you all know that KCFV has a limited broadcast radius, but that doesn’t stop you ALL from hearing the broadcasts. The station now broadcasts online. You can hear KCFV on either of the two following places online: (Click the Listen Live link)
on iTunes (find KCFV under radio)

So please take some time and listen to the show. Whether you are at work or sitting at home, listen to the show. Then, please take a moment and let me know you listened. I would love to get your opinions, as well as just know who got hear me on the radio. Plus, it allows me to show the station who is listening to the show, either on-air or online.

Thanks for reading and I look forward to hearing your feedback about the show.

MY Movies

Well, in this edition of the MY List, I don’t plan on doing too much venting. I actually want to put out a list of all the projects I’ve worked on over the last year and what their status is:

Up-and-Coming Screenings:
‘Streetballers’ – Screens again during the St. Louis International Film Festival on Saturday, Nov. 15, 2:30 PM at the Tivoli Theater

‘The Thacker Case’ – Screens during the St. Louis International Film Festival on Friday, Nov. 21, 7:15 PM at the Tivoli Theater.

‘The Doubtful Martyr’ – Screening during the St. Louis International Film Festival on Thursday, Nov. 20, 5 PM at the Tivoli Theater

No Screenings Scheduled:
‘Pinks: All Out/All Outtakes’ – Aired on Speed Network on Sept. 11
‘Baggage’ – Screened October 25 in Los Angeles.

Films Still in Post-Production:
‘Jim’ – Post-Production
‘Edgar Allan Poe’s Ligeia’ – Post-Production
‘Confined’ (AKA: The Awakened) – Post-Production
‘Morning Rounds’ – Post-Production
‘Charter Commercial: Cable Theft’ – Post-Production

Still in Production:
‘AKA Bongos 3’ – Still in Production around the US
‘Legacy of Shadows’ – Still in Production around St. Louis

Aside from the previous projects which I worked on, I do have a few of my own. I won’t give out too much information about them because most are still in development. Once they begin shooting, I’ll start giving out details about each one. Some of the projects are creative projects and some are aimed at being income producing projects.

On the creative project side, most are short films. Some very simple and I hope to be able to get one or two produced over the next few months. The others are rather detail oriented and still being developed. On the other side of production, I am working on a few project ideas that I intend to sell as an extra source of income. Some of the incoming producing projects I am pushing forward are:
- A training DVD project
- Shooting music artists, musician, comedian and bands performing

If you get to see any of the projects I have worked on, please post a comment and let me know. Thanks and I look forward to hearing your responses.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

MY Muse

In this installment of the MY List, I am going to get into MY Muse, or my creative inspiration.

Now, I don’t think it is any one person who I see as MY Muse. I know it helps when I have a girlfriend because I bounce ideas off her more often. Good or Bad, whoever I call my girlfriend usually hears all my crazy thoughts. But, being single now, I try and bounce my ideas off specific friends. It’s no offense to anyone, but I bounce idea off certain people over others. I just choose to bounce ideas of friend who can give me feedback and help me develop them.

Now where does my inspiration come from? ANYWHERE! And that is NO exaggeration. I could be driving, sitting in a meeting or seminar, working a non-film related job, ANYWHERE. These are just a few of the places I have been sparked by inspiration. Once I come up with an idea, I just sit back, talk to myself (Yes, I really do that), and try to build the ideas up into a viable project.

Now, I have some good ideas I am developing. Some are simple and some are more complicated, but none have started shooting yet. I have also been focusing lately on projects that can bring some money in and help me in that very needed category. As much as I won’t get into too much detail about the films I am developing right now, the next installment of The MY List is MY Movies and I already have an idea of what I’ll discuss and what information I’ll let everyone know.

I think the problem I have in this category is finding the motivation to jump up and get projects off the ground and start shooting. Now, several of the projects I have on the table are fairly simple. I could produce them with minimal requirements outside of what I already own. I just lack the “get up and go” to do it. Some of my problem is procrastination, like I discussed in my last Blog. However, a lot of that procrastination in my creative ventures stems from fears I am dealing with.

Now, I know I have two typical fears: Fear of Failure, but also Fear of Success. Yep, two big fears that are entirely normal. I am afraid that what I produce won’t be good enough. It’s that natural doubt in my abilities that holds me back most of all. Having a childhood where I was filled full of doubt doesn’t help either. Next, my fear of success can seem silly, but it stems from the question of “if my work is good enough and I move to the next level, will I be good enough to keep moving forward?” Now I am striving to do everything I can to overcome my fears, and as I work them out, all the support from my friends is truly helping the fears dissipate. THANK YOU ALL!

I do love to hear your comments and support. Your words of encouragement help keep moving forward and in the right direction.

Monday, October 27, 2008

MY Motivation

Well, I don’t think it is a secret that I procrastinate. I know the next topic is MY Muse, so in that Blog I’ll get into more creative problems I’m having. But right here, I’m going to try and vent some of the frustrations I have over not being able to get things started or finished. Whether it is physical, emotional, or financial, I just seem to manage to put things off for any number of reasons. I don’t know if it is fear, procrastination, apathy, or something else.

I have putting things off to art form now. Whether it is taking the trash out, sending an E-mail to a friend or possible job, doing my laundry or dishes, and sometimes eating, I can put things off. And with it being winter and running the heat inside now, I have a tendency to doze off and sleep more often than I should. It sucks. When I get too warm, I get sleepy.

No I do believe it is CLASSIC procrastination, and truly only sometimes laziness. Like writing a paper in high school or college, I can find something else to distract me. And sometimes distract me to a furious deadline when things get rushed. Now, don’t get me wrong. I get things done. Sometimes at the last minute, sometimes late, but they DO get done. And I’m told what I do is pretty damn good, even when rushed, but I am trying to do better and take my time, the way it should be.

Now, I greatly appreciate all my friends who keep me going. My friends keep my head up when it falls; keep me moving when I stop; and reassure me when I doubt myself. One element in my life that helps is when I have a Girlfriend. Usually, having a girlfriend makes me smile, reduces my stress, and keeps me more positive. Being single always adds a little extra stress and a lot more reliance on my friends to keep my head up.

Now, I know I can handle things on my own. And I don’t need a parent standing over me telling me what to do. But it always helps when you have a positive voice reassuring you that you are doing the right thing; following the right path; and making correct steps forward. It’s amazing how small, simple words of reassurance can have great affect on making things move forward.

I am trying to get a few things moving in my life. Here are some of the things I’m working on:
- Reduce/Cut Back/Quite Smoking – Yes, I know it is a second attempt, but as of today, Monday, October 27, 2008, I am on 2 full days of not smoking. I’m trying.
- Working out/Exercising/getting in shape – Well, I have been walking my neighborhood. I don’t have the money to join a gym, but in the future I plan on it. Right now, I’ll keep walking and soon I’ll start other exercises at home.
- Cleaning/organizing my house – I have done minor things, but I need to make bigger strides. Not having a job, I should have more time to get more cleaned, and so I’m trying to get off my couch, but it so comfy.
- Getting/finding a job – This is something I have been trying to move on. I organized a freelance list for St. Louis. Now is the task of getting my resumes and cover letters out to all those companies. A few have gone out, but the majority will go out tomorrow afternoon.

Overall, I’m trying to keep my head up. I’m trying to move forward. And any words of encouragement would be greatly appreciated. So please post your comments. I look forward to hearing from you.

Saturday, October 25, 2008

MY Friends

To start my friends are probably one of my greatest assets. They build me up, back me up, keep me on the level, and sometimes they keep me grounded in reality. They are my shoulder to cry on, those I like to drink and party with, they are biggest and oldest fans. I guess I would have to say my friends make me who I am.

To all my friends, I owe you all a huge debt of gratitude and countless “thank you”s. I know I’m bad about returning, and often making, phone calls and sending E-mails, but I am trying to do better. Also, don’t be afraid to drop me a line either by phone or via E-mail. The road does go both ways.

Now, I take pride in trying to be a good friend. I always attempt to make myself available to listen to friends when they have problems, and I’ve heard them all. I’ve calmed down friends from break-ups, job losses, and the shear stupidity of humanity. As much as I am there, I know there are more friends who don’t always ask. NEVER be afraid to ask for help, regardless of what you need. If I have the time and availability, I’ll be there for you, my friends. On the other side of the coin, I’m not sure if the same is true in reverse. I always seem to have a hard time finding someone who cares enough to listen to or help me when I really need someone. And why is it that regardless of how broke or financially stable I am, I seem to be ALONE more often that not. You know, even if I have to say “NO”, I still like to get offers to do things and go out.

One thing that does piss me off is how so many friends are FAKE. They want to be your friend based on what you can do for them, get for them or who you know. Sure I know that happens more often that not in the industry I chose for a career, but I actually think it was worse working in the nightclub/bar industry. It is just sad how just because you change or loose a job, all of a sudden friends just evaporate. And I don’t mean those “Friendly Aquaintances” who just talk to you at the club/bar. I mean friend who call you to go out on nights off, come over for late night dinner, and even invite you to their house/apartment parties. It is just sad how some of those friends can so quickly turn their back on you.

And I hate loosing those I consider good friends. I know that even I will weed out those who I feel I should not keep around me, for what ever reason. Usually, I will cut out those who cause me personal harm, stab me in the back or hurt me in some other way. But it is when I loose friends for absolutely no reason, when they stop returning phone calls and ignore E-mails, I know I have a problem and get sad. I know it is part of life, friends do come and go, but it still hurts. Once someone is a friend, especially those who I feel are “good friends”, or more, I like to keep those people around.

I've come to find out that friends are VERY few and far between. I am making attempts to rekindle a few lost friendships, but usually to dead ends. I do miss my old friends, all of those that I've lost.

But more important are those that I still have by my side, I truly love and cherish those I have and hold so dear. You make me smile and laugh, you encourage and invigorate me, and you help me, not only see, but strive to be the man I need to be. Thank you all.

If you have a comment or response to my posting, please write it. I would love to hear what you have to say. Don’t be shy. Take a minute or two and just write a quick response. Thank you all for being there for me and I do hope to hear from you all.

Friday, October 24, 2008

Proud to be a Bear, just at Mizzou today

So for those of you who don’t know, I did attend Southwest Missouri State University, now named Missouri State University. However, today I drove from St. Louis to Columbia, MO for a filmmaking seminar at Mizzou (University of Missouri – Columbia). It also happens to be Mizzou’s Homecoming weekend, so there is an HUGE abundance of school spirit all over the place, which is while I’m a little fanatic about being a BEAR, not a TIGER.

The seminar featured sound designer turned true independent filmmaker Kelley Baker. Kelley had done Sound Design on a lot of Gus Van Sant’s movies, including ‘Good Will Hunting’, but desired to more out of his film industry career and focused on making his own movies his way. Now known affectionately as “The Angry Filmmaker”, Kelley had a lot of really good advice for aspiring filmmakers to keep in mind when trying to make their own films. I actually learned a little and had some of creative juices stirred up. Hell, I even came up with an idea for a Short Film while in his seminar. I’ll write more about that once I have something more developed. It’s a pretty easy idea and I should be able to pull a script together in next week or so. After the seminar, I go the chance to chat with Kelley for quite a while and actually feel that I made a great new contact in this crazy industry.

Now, I’m just sitting at Tropical Liquers, sippin on a slushy drink, occasionally getting to chat with my brother Bill. I haven’t forgotten about the MY List blog I need to write, and will try to get it cranked out later tonight for you all.

Well, I’m gonna run. Thanks for stopping by. GO BEARS!

Thursday, October 23, 2008

The MY List…

As I drove around St. Louis today, I thought of a special Blog series that I am going to start and run with for the next couple days, maybe a week. It's the MY List. Most specifically a couple of topics very important in my world at this point in time:

My Friends
My Motivation
My Muse
My Movies
My Money
My Future

Those are most of the topics I plan to write about over the next few days. I'm going to pick one topic and write about it each day. This is just my way of getting some personal feelings and emotions off my chest.

I'll probably start with MY Friends. That will be probably be written tomorrow, so be sure to check back and read it. Then, I am planning on writing one new Blog per day as I go down the list. Now, I might add an additional topic here or there, but I won't take any away. I'll write about at least those six topics.

Once you've read them, I'd love to hear your feedback. So please write and post a comment letting me know what you think, how you feel, or any advice you have for me. Also, if you have any topics you think I should write about, please let me know. A lot of you out there know me well enough to know what I really need to get off my chest. If you ask, I'm pretty sure I'll write about it. I have a few things I'll keep to myself, but most things can and will be discussed.

It's been ROUGH couple of months and October has REALLY SUCKED for me. So I have a lot to get off my chest while I keep looking for a new job. Any offers? I'm listening!

Thanks for stopping by and be sure to come back each day as I write about a new topic on the MY List.

Friday, October 10, 2008

What an EH October!

So it has been too long since I’ve written a blog and caught everyone up to date on what I’ve been up to. Hmmm… Where should I begin?

First, I had a few freelance gigs in September. There were a couple of quick corporate shoots and a Charter Cable commercial, where I met and worked with Erik Estrada. There is a picture with Erik from set in my photo gallery if you haven’t seen it yet. Also, I worked on a national reality TV show. I really can’t say which one yet, but I will say it was definitely an adventure. I also helped the Paranormal Task Force of Missouri start shooting their documentary, ‘Legacy of Shadows’, which is about Zombie Road and the surrounding area. I should have some pics from that shoot online very soon.

I’m getting set to go back to Springfield for Homecoming at Missouri Sate. I’m trying to finish up a short video for my fraternity, Tau Kappa Epsilon, which shows a little of the history of our chapter over the past 59 years. Now, I would like to have been a lot more motivated and had a longer video, but it’ll be OK.

As for my motivation, I have been quite sedated. I haven’t wanted to do much of anything. My focus and concentration have definitely been missing these past few weeks. I believe it to be a combination of things. It’s kind of a cross between a lack of work, shortage of money and still dealing with some personal things in my life.

So now I’ve identified the problems I’m having, and as a good student of success, let me see if I have the solutions. For my lack of work, I am finishing up a Freelance List for the city of St. Louis and surrounding area. Once completed, I will have a list of almost every production company in St. Louis that hires freelance production personnel. And yes, I will have submitted my resume to them all. I will be making the list available to friends and colleagues who ask. Also, some great, close friends and colleagues and I are applying to as many feature films as we can. The more we apply to the better chance we have of getting one, or six. Oh yeah, I also was offered an AMAZING opportunity that will be fall back plan for the spring. As things move forward, I’ll give you all the details then.

Next, my shortage of money is kind of an illusion. I actually have a decent sized accounts receivable right now, but I NEED the money to be received. Plus, I know that with the freelance list and my ‘day job’ at the bar I work at, money will be getting better, all be it slowly.

And finally, all I’ll say about my personal situation is that I’m quite lonely. Too much time to stop and think about the past has me in a bit of a tail-spin. I greatly appreciate my friends who have listened to me and tried to help. I know I can be quite stubborn. I’ll make it, I think… And that’s all I’ll say about that. Anyone who wanted more specific details, feel free to write or call.

Well, I have to get back to work now. Thanks for listening, or I guess you were reading. I really am trying to be better and post more often. Talk to you all again soon.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Back on the Radio

That’s right Boys and Girls! I will be back on the radio tomorrow morning. I will be a guest on The Morning Jolt with Stytch and Sketch from 9 AM until Noon. The show can be heard in North St. Louis County on KCFV 89.5 FM. I am hoping to have the show available as a podcast early next week, so anyone who can’t listen live can still hear the show.

I will speaking about film and video production in St. Louis, as well as be part of the discussion about 9-11 and its effects on the entertainment industry. It should be a great show and I encourage you all to make time to tune in, even if only for a little while. And if you do catch some of the show, please let me know what you think. I will also be forwarding all comments to Stytch and Sketch as well.

I’m excited about being back on the radio and I hope you all can share in the excitement too by tuning in.

Monday, September 8, 2008

Happy Birthday to Me!

Yes, it is true. Last Friday, September 5 was my 33rd Birthday. I actually had to work that morning shooting video on a freelance gig I get fairly often. I slept most of the afternoon. I know… I’m a bum, but I stayed up the night before after working at Bar 101 so that I could get to the gig in O’Fallon on time. I did go to dinner with my parents at a Brazilian Restaurant in Chesterfield. Then, I went out with a friend and met up with a couple others. I won’t bad mouth anyone or anything, but I will say things did not go as planned. A friend tried to hook me up with a free bottle for my birthday. (Which was AWESOME in my opinion) It just turned out that her co-workers were not as nice, or as honorable, so no bottle came my way. My buddy and I ended up spending twice as long playing Roulette than we actually did in the nightclub.

As for the rest of the weekend, I kind of let it go. I didn’t do much. But, I did watch the season premiere of Entourage. I’m glad it is FINALLY back on HBO.

Now that my birthday and the weekend have passed, it is time to BUST MY ASS and find what work I can to get back on track. Over this week I will be contacting and submitting my resume to as many productions houses in St. Louis, and away, as I can. I need to get on any and all the freelance lists I can. Any input, ideas or referrals are GREATLY appreciated. I HAVE to find more work and make more money. I actually got a call today to work tomorrow, Tuesday, on a Commercial, so things are looking a little brighter. Now let’s see how long we can keep things moving along.

On my own projects, things have been changing significantly. Projects from the back burner are moving up, others I no longer work on at all. But I’ll save all that information for a future blog. Thanks for dropping by and a HUGE thanks to all those who wished me a Happy Birthday! It really does mean a lot. I’ll talk to you all again soon.

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Summer ’08 Comes to an End

As Labor Day weekend begins, it is only fitting to take a look at the Summer of 2008 and evaluate how it has been. WOW, did this Summer SUCK! I actually refer to it as the drought of ’08. This has been one of the worst years for Film Production in St. Louis in about FIVE years. No Projects came through. I take that back, one did, but it’s budget was SO LOW, that the day before shooting began, I was let go because my tiny paycheck was too high.

It started off great though. I returned from working on ‘Confined’ in California in May and with several freelance gigs set up, it seemed to be rather promising. But the freelance jobs tapered off, and I surrendered and went back to working at a bar/nightclub. I work at Bar 101. The environment is pretty good. NO where near as stressful as Club Buca was. I started at the South St. Louis County Bar 101, until they opened the new Bar 101 in Soulard, which opened on August 21. So I’m working as often as I can to get all my bills caught up. It shouldn’t be too hard, but without any serious income, it will take A LOT longer than I would like.

I also am keeping my fingers crossed that a feature film some friends are producing has all their funding come through. That way they can shoot in September as planned. That would be nice. I have been assured a position on that crew and that would REALLY help me out.

I am also beginning to look outside of St. Louis for work. I know you all know my strong desire to help build a production community in St. Louis, but I have to pay my rent. I have been getting prospects through some friends I have worked with on other projects, and we should know about a few soon. I have also begun to look at other possible avenues of production, including podcasting, web design and a few others. My steps have been slow, but I hope to be moving forward shortly after Labor Day.

On a few positive notes, I did work on a couple shorts this Summer. None of my own, but still a little extra experience always helps. I even acted in one of them. Yeah, Me… ACTING. Who knew? Oh, and from the small role I played in ‘Holiday Baggage’ in Chicago, I have my first acting credit on the IMDb. So, two acting roles this year isn’t that bad. Also, steps are still being made for two documentaries I’m helping with.

But the big film on my plate is the Documentary I’m producing and directing, ‘Small Town Boy, Real American Hero’. We have spent a few days here and there getting more footage and several interviews for the film. I anticipate big moves over September and October for the project. I’ll keep you all updated as things move forward.

Well, there it is. I think 2008 has been a MONUMENTAL year for me so far, just this Summer SUCKED. Thanks for dropping by and be sure to keep September 5 marked on your calendar. It is a VERY important day. Be sure to ask if you don’t know why. Talk you again soon.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Motivation and Procrastination

Yeah… I know I’m fighting a battle to find work and get the work I have on my table finished. I am just really struggling to find motivation and fight off my damn procrastination. I wish that motivation was bottled up like Vitamin-water and I could just chug it down. Sadly, it isn’t. I just need to stay focused and off the damn couch so that I can get things accomplished. Prior to getting sick at the beginning of the month, I was REALLY motivated. I was cranking along. Learning the Adobe software I have on my computer thanks to and beginning to see the results in the projects I have at hand. However, somewhere throughout July I went *BLAH* again. It sucks. I need to get back on track and get the few projects I have on the table finished so that I can move on to new and bigger projects. Do me a favor and feed me all the motivation you all can so that I can stay on track. Thanks to all of you who already do, and an early thanks to those who will take the time to write me a comment or message and help kick me in the ass and stay on track. I got to run. Talk to you soon.

Monday, July 21, 2008

Oh, where has the year gone? And, PLEASE HELP!

Wow… It’s late in July and 2008 just seems to be FLYING by. I can’t be too upset; I have worked on a quite a few projects throughout the year so far. My problem is that I need to make more money. I should be working on a low budget feature right now, but I was released from working the day before we were supposed to start shooting, at 10 PM. I’m not sure they could have waited any longer. Now, I know the project was VARY low budget, but I was really counting on that money to help me get through another month.

I’m trying to keep my head up and look for more work. I’m even considering returning to the nightclub industry for a while, just to help get me out of the red financially. So I ask all of you, my friends, if you know of any projects or jobs, PLEASE pass the info along to me. I REALLY need to make some money to keep my house and get my bills paid. And the sad fact is that I don’t need that much and I’m not trying to be greedy, I just want enough to get my bills paid.

I had even conceded to taking a regular 9 to 5 job to get the bills paid by doing Inbound Sales for Charter Cable. Two things stopped me: First, I was told by Charter Reps, I have to apply online, but the job I was wanting was not listed. The other was an acquaintance I use to have from Buca, who worked at Charter. He is the person who gave me the info about the job. The Problem is I cannot find his contact information ANYWHERE. I think I had it in my old phone, but of the few numbers left in it that didn’t get transferred, his is missing. So, I’m back to Square ZERO. Even when I’m willing to give in and work my way out of a situation, I get kicked back down and out. It sucks.

Enough Crying…. I am revamping my resumes and going to get them out to as many sources as I can for freelance work over this and next week. Any ideas of where I should submit my resume will also be greatly appreciated. If it works, the upside will be work, the downside is that payment for that work usually takes about 30 days to receive. Also, I will continue to step back towards working the door of a nightclub around St. Louis. If I do, I will be sure to let you all know where I go. I have a couple of options. I also have a few projects I am working on, some tiny, some big, but all of which you will learn about over the next few months. The main problem with my own projects is that I have to delay a lot of work happening because I don’t have the money to put behind it.

I would also like to ask ALL OF YOU, MY FRIENDS, to please keep me in mind as you hear of any jobs, film related or not. I’ll sort through the Good, the Bad and the Ugly as they come to me. I just really need to make some cash and fast. So I’m going to be considering all options presented to me. Thank you in advance for all your suggestions and offers, as I know I can count on my friends to help me.

I really need to run. Lots to get down today and it’s almost Noon. Please drop me a line, let me know how you’re doing and if you have any suggestions for me. I look forward to hearing from each and every one of you.

Saturday, May 31, 2008

Return from Cool, California and Looking for Work

Hello everyone! I am back from Cool, California. I was working on the independent Sci-Fi Feature Film ‘Confined’. It was a great experience. I have uploaded pictures from the shoot to both my website,, and my MySpace page, I hope you all like the pictures.

I am looking for the next project right now. So if you know anything, PLEASE let me know. I also need to make some money in between projects, so if you know of any jobs, in production or in the nightclub industry. I just need to make some money, and as soon as possible. So any and ALL input would be GREATLY appreciated.

Thanks for all your support. Please let me know what you all think. I look forward to hearing from you all.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

New ACE Films Website

I am proud to announce that the new ACE Films website has finally been updated. The site is still a work in progress and will continue to be updated over the summer. More pictures will be loaded soon and should cover most of the projects I’ve worked on and have pictures from. It is also a plan to upload several video clips as well. Some clips will be short films I have worked on or produced and some will clips of other projects I have been part of. I also plan to have a few other clips uploaded that show some of my adventures in film production. Please visit the new ACE Films website at:

Be sure to let me know what you all think. Thank you all for your support.

Monday, May 26, 2008

End of Prime Time

A lot of you know that I have been part of a weekly entertainment talk show in St. Louis. The show, Prime Time with Mark and Tone, aired from the end of August 2007 until earlier this month, May 2008. The show was not given the green light for the Summer.

Does it suck? Of course! Do I miss the show? Of course! I loved the show. As much as I would often have to call into the show because I was on location of a film project, I always looked forward to the few hours we had each week to talk about the entertainment industry in our own way. Do I think there was foul play in the show ending? Maybe, but I refuse to point any fingers or place any blame. I’ll just say there are a few circumstances that seem fishy to me, and I will keep those to myself.

I loved the show and I miss it. If the show can find a new home, GREAT! I’d love it. But I am focusing my time on finding more production work. I do still have the demo clip of the show on Prime Time’s MySpace page. Visit the show’s page at:

The page will stay online for now. We still might find a new radio home for Prime Time and if we do, I’ll be sure to let you all know.

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Working in California!

Well, I’m not sure who all I’ve told, so I wanted to make sure that everyone knew what I was up to. I am currently in California working on an independent feature film, Confined. It is about aliens attacking a small farm. It has a great up-an-coming cast and I’m working with an AMAZING crew from all over the world. The interesting detail is that I was brought to California to work on the project. That is quite impressive in my opinion. The project is being directed by the two writers. This is new experience, but Adrian and Eric are both so seamlessly on the same page. I’ve heard horror stories about working with director teams, but this is certainly NOT one of them. Most of the film takes place at night, so most of our shoot is taking place overnight. That is pretty tough. Trying to keep in touch with people back in St. Louis with the hours and time difference is posing a challenge. Overall, I’m having a great time. I still have a few weeks here, then I’m heading home in search of my next project to work on. So any input, please pass it my way.

On a few side notes, I am most of the way done with the new I’m hoping to have it finished before I get back to St. Louis. I did load the audio demo of my radio show, Prime Time with Mark and Tone, to our MySpace page, So please jump over and give it a listen. I hope to also have other audio clips up soon, both on the Prime Time page and my page as well. I know I don’t leave myself a lot of time, but I’m making the most of it.

Well, I have to head back to set and another long day of work. I’m going to work on having pictures soon and I’ll keep you all posted about everything else getting updated and uploaded. Thanks for all your support and please keep your comments and messages coming. The help keep me focused more than you know. Talk to you all in a few days.

Thursday, April 17, 2008

The Good, The Bad and The Ugly...

I know I need to get caught up on my Weeks in Review and give you all a lot more information about what projects I have in the works. Some of you know, and I will be telling everyone over the course of the next few weeks, as things fall into place. But this blog entry today is not able those things. I am going to look at 3 very related things that are THE most important to me at this immediate time.

The Good: Well, some of you know and some don’t. I do officially get to go work on the feature film ‘Confined’ in North California for several weeks. I almost had the opportunity taken away because of various factors, but just the other day the message came that I was going to work.

The Bad: Well, just a day late and several dollars short is a great way to explain my travel plans to California. I have to get myself out there, and tickets were cheap, totaling about $125 for the one-way. But that was the day before I got confirmation I was going. I checked yesterday and, OH YEAH, the cost now is over double that. And I looked into the Priceline Name-Your-Own-Price-Thing and you have buy round-trip tickets. You can’t just buy one-way. So know I still need to figure out how I am going to get to Northern California. Any help on that ticket would be GREATLY appreciated.

The Ugly: And finally, it started off and another thing to piss me off before I left town. If you read my earlier car-related blog, you know that every time I get ready to leave town, my car decides to take a turn into the crapper. Well, last night it died on my way to the radio show I do in North St Louis County. I had to get the car towed to the service shop my dad and I use, which luckily was only about 2.5 miles away. Thanks to my radio show team who helped bail me out of that situation. But the call came in just after 10 AM this morning. I was told that my car was past the point of fixing. Yep, that means: I NEED TO BUY A CAR! So, the hits just keep on coming.

I don’t know about any of you, but I do believe that bad things happen to good people. My mom and I have been looking at this topic for years, but I know it be true today. I am not trying to get ahead at someone else’s expense, I am just trying to work my way up to where I need to be in the difficult industry I choose as my career. I gave up on trying to get some hand out to get ahead and I don’t think the world owes me something, but I would like to be able to work my way up without something extreme in a different part of my life just kicking me back down. Is that TOO much to ask?

Friday, March 28, 2008


It truly is the end of an era. For just about 3 and ½ years, I ran the front door of Club Buca in St. Louis, Missouri. Well, if you haven’t heard yet, I NO longer work at Club Buca. From what I was told, the owner, Tony L. wants to "make a change at the door" and wants more “consistency”. I’m not sure what is more consistent than the same doorman for over three years, but, who knows. I know that in the past few months I have taken more and longer breaks from the club in order to work on various film productions. But I remember the same person telling me “As long as you come back (to Buca), you will always have a job.” I guess you can’t trust anyone’s word anymore.

I would like to thank all the wonderful co-workers and friends that I have made over the years, especially Dave, the General Manager. Dave and I have always has immense respect for each other, and I thank him for all he has done for me over the years.

I would also like to thank all the friends I have made by simply working the door. You all have kept me smiling and re-affirmed that the world is NOT entirely made up of assholes.

Now I am not saying I will never return to Buca for fun or to visit, and many of you will still see me at other venues in time. I am not moving or leaving St. Louis, I will just no longer be in my common post at the door, where all of you have known you can come, say hi, and chat. In fact, I’m not even saying that I will be leaving the nightclub industry entirely. I have a few friends searching right now for a new club for me to work at, and I am gladly taking any suggestions. I admit that I need to make some money, and kind of quick.

I know that many of you have heard me say that I will leave the bar industry in the near future, and I still plan for that to be a reality. But I didn’t plan for it just yet, and I truly planned to stay at the one club I felt the most at home.

Thanks for the fun and the memories!

Monday, March 17, 2008

BIG News From Chicago...

Well, it's almost over. It has been a crazy shoot, and that puts it mildly. Two days remain, and we have a lot to still shoot. But the BIG NEWS IS, I got to jump in front of the camera today!!! Yes, that's right! ME!!! I got to be a featured extra in 2 scenes of the film. One, very prominently with the female lead, Miss Cheryl Ladd. The other is a rather frantic, handheld scene involving someone arriving at a hospital. That scenes has both leads, Barry Bostwick and Cheryl Ladd. The film, if I haven't told you all about it yet is 'For Pete's Sake', formally 'Holiday Baggage', and is being directed by one of the actors, Stephen Polk. I have taken a few pictures on set. Sorry, none of the scenes I was in. I am hoping to have those pictures online when I get home.

I will be returning to St. Louis on Wednesday, and will be right back to working my tail off on all the projects I have going on. Plus, there are two other feature films I am going to try and go work on. More info on those films as things develop.

Thanks to everyone for your INCREDIBLE support. Also, have a Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Week in Review – 2008 Week 9 (Ending March 1)

With me leaving for Chicago at the end of the week, I had a lot to get done and only a few days to get it all done in.

Sunday: Today started on an interesting note. I got to go to brunch with my Girlfriends Family. I think I did pretty well. Tonight was the big event of the weekend. Oscar Night America took place at the Pageant in St. Louis. It is St. Louis’ Official Academy Awards Celebration. My Girlfriend and I got all dressed up and had a great time. We met up with some friends from productions we all worked on together last year, as well as ran into a few friends we haven’t seen in quite a while. Even my radio show partner, Mark Bland, made an appearance. It was a nice way to watch and ‘take part’ in all the Oscar fun.

Monday: Why is it that Mondays are always slow, lazy days that I never seem to get a lot accomplished? Now, tonight I made a trek out to my Girlfriend’s house. She is AWESOME and helped me out. I had to borrow her VERY nice video camera for a shoot on Tuesday. She is so nice for letting me borrow it. Thanks Honey! I also ran by my parents’ house and chatted with them for a bit. We had some ‘Family Business’ to attend to, and everything went as I hoped it would. So, Big Thanks to my parents for that as well! So a rather lazy day actually paid off quite well.

Tuesday: Today I had a shoot with a local marketing / A/V Production house, The Switch (formally The Spark Agency). I do freelance work for them at MasterCard fairly often, but this time we had a corporate meeting shoot at the Sheraton at Westport Plaza. It was a long day, but fairly simple shoot, only about an hour and a half. This was also the reason I had to borrow my AWESOME girlfriend’s camera. Her camera matched the camera they would be bringing so we were able to run 2 cameras.

Wednesday: Wednesdays always start out kind of slow. I got some of my simple E-mail / Phone call business done during the day. And of course, I had the radio show tonight. The show went well. We are still trying to get all the little bumps smoothed out, but we are getting there. Be sure to check the show out. It’s on 89.5 FM KCFV in North County St. Louis every Wednesday night from 7 PM until 11 PM. Sometime we run until Midnight, but usually when there is a Florissant Valley Basketball game, which the station broadcasts.

Thursday: Today was a busy one. It started at about Noon… I know Noon isn’t that early, but I knew I would be working until about 3-4 AM. I did however get up about 10-10:30 AM, if that makes you al feel better. Anyway, first up what a meeting with my landlord. I had to renew my lease on my house. Which went smoothly, but my house payment every month did get raised $100 per month. So that sucked.

Then I raced to North County to get my car fixed. I go to the same shop my dad has been going to for well over a decade. He trusts them and they do pretty good work and will be straight forward with me about what is wrong with my car. For those who are curious, the shop is Ken’s Auto at the corner of Washington and St. Ferdinand in Florissant. I had to get a new tire on my driver-side front, a new wheel bearing on my passenger-side front and both front sets of brakes. I ended up spending about $450 on my car that was COMPLETELY unexpected. I knew I had to get my car fixed, but I wasn’t ready to have to shell out that kind of money, especially right before I had to leave to go out of town.

After my car fiasco, I had a meeting with a friend who will be the new host of my music video program/project, Audaphobia. I have a new plan and approach on how to revive Audaphobia and plan to get the ball rolling a lot harder on it when I get back from Chicago. I am still waiting to hear from the website I sent a proposal to in regards to them partnering with me on the site. I’ll let you all know a lot more as soon as I get more confirmation on everything.

And I also worked at the Nightclub tonight. My days at the club I feel are numbered, and it is in a good way. I feel that by my birthday later this year, I should be able to work solely for myself and in production full time. I’m trying to make that a reality now.

Friday: Today I had a video project pitch meeting. A friend of a friend wanted to pitch me an online video project. However, he had to cancel due to a scheduling conflict he had. We are rescheduling the meeting for when I return to St. Louis.

I’m also drawing a blank about what I actually got done today. Aside from the common E-mail and MySpace work I do daily, what I actually got accomplished is slipping my mind. I know I work at the nightclub tonight. I just know that am trying harder and harder to find more production based work and slowly pull out from the nightclub industry. I’m hoping to make it a reality later this year.

Saturday: Well, it is a brand new month. Today is also the day I drove to Chicago and my roommates moved out and into their own apartment. So all morning was VERY busy. I didn’t get a lot of sleep because I did work last night, and then got up early to pack. My neighbors must have thought I was moving, because I got a few strange looks while my roommates packed up and I carried luggage to my car. I also don’t look forward to having to pay for all the bills myself, but it will be nice to have my place all to myself for a while.

Then of course came the drive to Chicago. WOW, is that a boring drive. Now I made it to Chicago in about 4 hours, which seems to AMAZE people, but it was just under 300 miles, so it didn’t seem that odd to me. But I made it in one piece and without stopping, so now begins a new adventure. Every film I work on is a learning experience and presents new surprises and challenges. I look forward to taking home all that I learn and being more productive because or if back in St. Louis.

Well, enough rambling about my week. Thanks everyone who came by to see how my week was. Check back often, things are always popping up.

Sunday, March 9, 2008

Week in Review – 2008 Week 8 (Ending February 23)

Sorry this took so long to get online. I have just been SO SWAMPED! Thanks for your patience.

Sunday: I actually had to work at the nightclub. There was a convention in town for a National Organization of Student Activities Associasion for Universities. They brought quite a few people out, including Dennis Haskins who played ‘Mr. Belding’ on ‘Saved By The Bell.’

Monday: Monday I know was slow. I always seem to sleep until WAY into the afternoon. I have NO idea why.

Tuesday: Today I got halfway through Lesson 3 of the Video Professor course I have on Frontpage 2003. I’m hoping to be able to redesign the ACE Films website,, once I finish going through the course. Also, I did call my father today. It was his Birthday! So once again, Happy Birthday Dad.

Wednesday: Tonight we had a production meeting about the radio show I do, PrimeTime with Mark and Tone. It’s on 89.5 FM – KCFV in North County St. Louis. And as always, the show went off with no major problems. We did have a weather warning come through that we had to stop and announce. That was a first for me.

Thursday: Well, Today the weather was REALLY crappy. I just wish I would have known that the nightclub was going to be closed before I went down there. I did all but the last course on Lesson 3 of my Video Professor course, so I’m almost finished and ready to start rebuilding

Friday: Today started off with a GREAT phone call. I was finally confirmed to head to Chicago to work on a film. The Production Supervisor for ‘Edgar Allan Poe’s Ligeia’ that I worked on in December asked me to come work with him on a feature in the Windy City. I’ll be the Second Second – Key Set AD. I’ll be Matt’s Right-Hand Man on set. I feel quite honored that he asked me.

Also, today was my Mom’s Birthday! Yes, my parents’ birthdays are only a few days apart. I planned on making my way out there, but could make it. The weather was still pretty crappy. I did call her though. Happy Birthday again Mom!

Saturday: Today I had to head up to Flo Valley to take the FCC test, once again, to stay on the air at KCFV. Of course, I passed. Then decided to stay and chat at the station for a while. I also was late to work because I had to race back home, change closes and head the Nightclub. We had an EARLY meeting before work. So it really threw my day all off course. But as always, I came home in one piece.

Well, enough rambling about my week. Thanks everyone who came by to see how my week was. Check back often, things are always popping up.

Friday, February 29, 2008

I Hate Cars!

WOW, don't you love it when you are getting ready for a trip, work related or not, and something ALWAYS goes wrong with your damn car. Of course, if you haven't heard yet, I am heading to Chicago to work on a feature for a few weeks. And wouldn't you know it, but I had to do $450 worth of repairs to my van. YEAH! Let me tell you how thrilled I am. I had to get my driver side front tire replaced (DAMN POT HOLES!), my passenger side front wheel bearing replaced, and both sets of front brakes replaced. Well, at least I know I'll be safe going to Chicago and back, but DAMN I have been SO good about NOT spending money... It NEVER fails.
Also, I know it is late, but I should have my week in review for last week up later today. It has been a BUSY week. Talk to you all soon.

Friday, February 22, 2008

Chicago, Here I Come!

Yep, I just got the confirmation that I will be leaving for the Windy City on March 1 for three weeks. I was personally requested to come work on a feature film up there by the Assistant Director. The AD, Matt, worked on 'Edgar Allan Poe's Ligeia' as the Production Supervisor. I guess I made a good impression. So I'm in scramble mode to get everything in order and in line for not only the trip and film, but other projects and work that need to be put on hold until I get back to the STL. I'm humbled and honored to get requested like this and look forward to the challenge that lies ahead. So Chicago, here I come...

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Week in Review – 2008 Week 7

This has been quite a week. It started out emotional, got a little slow and ended on a busy note.

Sunday: I got to meet the family of the fallen Marine who is the subject of my primary documentary. They were so warm and receptive, and I’m so thankful for that. Without them supporting me and the project it would have to be scrapped. I know you are all itching to know more about my documentary, but you’ll have to wait just a little longer. But I promise, I’ll be posting all the news about it VERY soon.

Monday: Why don’t I remember much about Monday? I know I review some material for the Doc(umentary), but don’t think it was as productive a day as I would have liked. Got a lot of E-mail set off and some paperwork started though. Oh, and I officially started a Google AdSense Account. It allows me to put Google ad on my webpage and try and make a little extra money that way. I also started this Blog today.

Tuesday: I got a little more done today. I bought a few domain names. This is for a few websites I will be building and loading over the next few weeks. I also did Lesson 1 of the Video Professor training for Microsoft Frontpage 2003. My current version of is built in Frontpage 2002, which is also on the same training CDs. The problem was I didn’t have the Theme they use in the training course on my computer and never found the disk to upload it. So the two times I tried the course I always got stopped early in Lesson 2. This time though I plan to get through the whole course and build a new site for ACE Films.

Wednesday: Today, I was added to the Glidecam Operator’s Network. My photos went up on the Glidecam site, and I posted the new on my Blog. Also, I attended the Media Communication’s Association (MCA) meeting tonight. This month’s topic was “How to find work and stay working in Film and Video Production in St. Louis.” It was a very informative panel which had Gary Hansen, IATSE 493; Rob Hahn, Film Professor STLCC-Meremac; Ellen Legow, AE/Executive Producer for Technosonic Studios; Steve DeShetler, artistic director for Joyce Meyer Ministries; and Moderated by Lou Stemler, Bluestreak. They discuss a lot of topics including Demo Reels, Interviewing, Who to go to and apply, and several other topics. I wish there would have been a little more to it though. It seemed like it was missing something. I’m just not sure what.

After the MCA meeting, of course I raced to North County for the PrimeTime with Mark and Tone, my weekly radio show. They knew I was going to be late, so it was OK. We stretched the show until Midnight so that we could get as much as we could into the show. It was a pretty good discussion once I got there. I missed the cub scouts though.

Thursday: Today was Valentine’s Day. I had meeting at 2 PM about a documentary, however the meeting was cancelled. The gentleman I was meeting with had to take his wife to the hospital, she might have been having her baby. But my drive to St. Peters was not a complete bust. I had already planned to surprise my girlfriend with some flowers for Valentine’s Day. So, it all worked out. With my meeting cancelled, I head back downtown, got my haircut and went grocery shopping. I was now going to cook dinner for my girlfriend, before I had to head to the nightclub for work. I made a very nice beef roast with mashed potatoes and green beans. It was quite nice. For dessert I picked up some doughnuts from this little shop we recently discovered near my house. They are quite awesome! It was a GREAT Valentine’s Day. It just sucked that I had to end all this nice together time by and go to work at the nightclub. Which wasn’t too bad tonight.

Friday: Today was, I think, kind of boring. I did have to work tonight. But I actually got all of Lesson 2 about Frontpage 2003 done today. I’m on my way. One more lesson left and I’m going to start on my new sites.

Saturday: Today, I got up a lot earlier than I wanted. I had a few meeting with a production friend about a documentary she wants me to help her with. Yep, that’s THREE Docs, and I usually don’t work on Docs. Well, I’m here now… Why not, right? The meetings were with some Storyboard artists she was talking to, in order to help her put a grant proposal together. Very smart. I like her idea and in the coming weeks, I’ll divulge the subject matter of that film to world as well.

Well, enough rambling about my week. Thanks everyone who came by to see how my week was. Check back often, things are always popping up.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

The Glidecam Operators Network

I am so happy. I now have pics up on the Glidecam Operators Network page. Please jump over and take a look. The link is:

Just scroll down. The Operators are listed alphabetically, so I am the second one on the list. It is just that little bit more that pushes me forward. Thanks to David at Glidecam for making the process so easy.

Operating a Glidecam, or any steadi-camera system, is always hard work. It takes lots of practice and practical use to get more proficient at it. I enjoy it and hope I can continue to get more work with my Glidecam. I have also been made aware of a new Glidecam system that will be a perfect upgrade to what I already use. I'm looking forward to that later this year. Thank again to Glidecam and please drop by and check out the pictures.

Monday, February 11, 2008

Starting out at Blogger

Well, as I have made it a point to have a BIG year in 2008, this is just another step in that direction. This will eventually be my OFFICIAL blog page online. I will still use my MySpace blog for a while longer and to note updates here, but this will soon be THE place to find out about what is going on in both my world personally and with ACE Films.

This is going to be a new challenge and adventure for me, so I hope you all come back as often as you can and help me big something great. Thank you all for joining me here and I look forward to a GREAT year.