Wednesday, December 31, 2008

2008! What a YEAR! But, Where did it go?

Is it me, or did 2008 seem to go by WAY too damn fast? It seems like I was just returning from California a couple of months ago and then BANG the year is over.

As most of you know, the last few hours of any year is when I like to regroup, recap and recount just what the hell actually happened over the past 12 months. Over 2008 there was ups and downs. And when I mean ups and downs, they were REALLY up and REALLY down. The downs were personal, and those I will not get into here. On the positive side of 2008, let’s look back at what projects I’ve worked on over the past 12 months:

PrimeTime with Mark and Tone (Radio Show) – Co-Host (on 89.5 FM – KCFV) (Continued through Mid-May)

The Thacker Case (Feature Film) – Key Set Production Assistant – Illinois Unit (Shot in Alton, IL)

2008 Sundance Film Festival – Volunteer Theater Manager – Egyptian Midnight Team

The Switch: Liberate Your Brand – Freelance Productin Assistant / Camera Operator (continued throughout 2008)

Baggage (Feature Film) – 2nd 2nd Assistant Director (Shot in Chicago, IL)

Confined (now called: The Awakened) (Feature Film) – Key Set Production Assistant, 2nd Unit 1st Assistant Director (Shot in Cool, CA)

Pinks: All Out/All Outtakes (Television Program) – 2nd Unit Production Assistant (Shot in East St. Louis, IL and Around St. Louis, MO)

Morning Rounds (Short Film) – Glidecam Operator, Grip/Electric, Actor (Shot in St. Louis, MO)

The Doubtful Martyr (Short Film) – 2nd Unit Gaffer and Boom Operator (Shot in St. Louis, MO)

The Switch: Liberate Your Brand – Directed One Live Production

The Morning Jolt (Radio Show) – Featured Guest (on 89.5 FM – KCFV, and starting Fall ’08 online at and the KCFV iTunes Radio Station)(Continued the rest of 2008)

Charter “Cable Theft” Commercial – Production Assistant

Microsoft/Energizer Corporate Video – Production Assistant

Rock of Love: Bus (Television Program) – Production Assistant

Legacy of Shadows (Documentary) – Glidecam Operator, Consultant

KCFV 2008 Election Night Coverage – On-air Host (on 89.5 FM – KCFV, and online at and the KCFV iTunes Radio Station)

2008 St. Louis International Film Festival – Venue Captain – Tivoli Theater

Bedlam Street (Feature Film) – Glidecam Operator, Grip/Electric

Stiletto Kittens (Short Film) – 1st Assistant Director

Christmas Stalking (Short Film) – Director of Photography

So that was two radio shows plus election coverage, two national television programs, two film festivals, four short films, four feature films, and countless other freelance projects. I can honestly say that this has been a MONUMENTAL year for me. I have come so far and still have so much room to grow. Thank you to everyone who helped make this year so wonderful. I look forward to 2009 being even better.

Check back tomorrow, when I’ll post my New Years Resolutions and plans for 2009. Thank you again! Have a Safe and Happy New Year!

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