Wednesday, December 31, 2008

2008! What a YEAR! But, Where did it go?

Is it me, or did 2008 seem to go by WAY too damn fast? It seems like I was just returning from California a couple of months ago and then BANG the year is over.

As most of you know, the last few hours of any year is when I like to regroup, recap and recount just what the hell actually happened over the past 12 months. Over 2008 there was ups and downs. And when I mean ups and downs, they were REALLY up and REALLY down. The downs were personal, and those I will not get into here. On the positive side of 2008, let’s look back at what projects I’ve worked on over the past 12 months:

PrimeTime with Mark and Tone (Radio Show) – Co-Host (on 89.5 FM – KCFV) (Continued through Mid-May)

The Thacker Case (Feature Film) – Key Set Production Assistant – Illinois Unit (Shot in Alton, IL)

2008 Sundance Film Festival – Volunteer Theater Manager – Egyptian Midnight Team

The Switch: Liberate Your Brand – Freelance Productin Assistant / Camera Operator (continued throughout 2008)

Baggage (Feature Film) – 2nd 2nd Assistant Director (Shot in Chicago, IL)

Confined (now called: The Awakened) (Feature Film) – Key Set Production Assistant, 2nd Unit 1st Assistant Director (Shot in Cool, CA)

Pinks: All Out/All Outtakes (Television Program) – 2nd Unit Production Assistant (Shot in East St. Louis, IL and Around St. Louis, MO)

Morning Rounds (Short Film) – Glidecam Operator, Grip/Electric, Actor (Shot in St. Louis, MO)

The Doubtful Martyr (Short Film) – 2nd Unit Gaffer and Boom Operator (Shot in St. Louis, MO)

The Switch: Liberate Your Brand – Directed One Live Production

The Morning Jolt (Radio Show) – Featured Guest (on 89.5 FM – KCFV, and starting Fall ’08 online at and the KCFV iTunes Radio Station)(Continued the rest of 2008)

Charter “Cable Theft” Commercial – Production Assistant

Microsoft/Energizer Corporate Video – Production Assistant

Rock of Love: Bus (Television Program) – Production Assistant

Legacy of Shadows (Documentary) – Glidecam Operator, Consultant

KCFV 2008 Election Night Coverage – On-air Host (on 89.5 FM – KCFV, and online at and the KCFV iTunes Radio Station)

2008 St. Louis International Film Festival – Venue Captain – Tivoli Theater

Bedlam Street (Feature Film) – Glidecam Operator, Grip/Electric

Stiletto Kittens (Short Film) – 1st Assistant Director

Christmas Stalking (Short Film) – Director of Photography

So that was two radio shows plus election coverage, two national television programs, two film festivals, four short films, four feature films, and countless other freelance projects. I can honestly say that this has been a MONUMENTAL year for me. I have come so far and still have so much room to grow. Thank you to everyone who helped make this year so wonderful. I look forward to 2009 being even better.

Check back tomorrow, when I’ll post my New Years Resolutions and plans for 2009. Thank you again! Have a Safe and Happy New Year!

Sunday, December 7, 2008


That’s right! It’s finally happened. You all have been asking for it and when it would be available. That day has arrived!

I was able to load my Demo DVD to my website. Please head over and check it out. Then leave me a comment and let me know what you think. You can see my Demo DVD at:

Then, Click on the Samples Page. There are 8 videos online, and the interface is a Flash video that is exactly the DVD Menu. So it is easy to navigate. Here are list of the videos available:

1. Film - The Demo Trailer for ‘Streetballers’ – produced before the film was shot
2. Film - The Short Film ‘A Fire Set on Fire’ – From the 2005 48-Hour Film Project
3. Music Video – ‘Lean Back’ by Varcity
4. Music Video – ‘That Fire’ by Arty J
5. Music Video – Project Steadfast
6. Other Projects – Envy Me Long Promo Video
7. Other Projects – Audaphobia Television Program – One Episode Open and Close
8. Other Projects – Big Brothers, Big Sisters Event Footage

I will be more than happy to answer any and all questions about the videos. All 8 videos were shot using my Panasonic DVX 100 Cameras, and I shot most of the videos. I had a small amount of help from Jason Osborne on the ‘Streetballers’ Demo Trailer and I shot part of ‘A Fire Set on Fire’, plus I shot all the GlideCam footage in the film. I did run one of the cameras for the Project Steadfast Video, with two other operators on the other two cameras. I also edited everything except the first 3 videos.

Be sure to jump over to my website and take a look at my Demo DVD and tell me what you think. I look forward to hearing your comments.

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Week of Ups and Downs

I got back on set this week. I worked as the First Assistant Director on a short film, ‘Stiletto Kittens’. It is the Senior Overview Project for Erin Marie Hogan. I’ve worked with Erin and her boyfriend Nick on several projects over the past few years, and it was a pleasure to work with them again. Also, I was able to work with several other local crew members who I’ve worked with in the past. It was definitely nice to get back on set and do what I love to do.

The down side of this week is that I found out that the board at St. Louis Community College is not going to consider my application to become a part-time instructor at the Florissant Valley Campus because I do not have a Masters Degree. Even a friend, who asked me to apply for the job, doesn’t agree with the schools decision. My experience of over a decade should amount for something. Especially in a field like video production that requires more hands on experience, than book smarts. So it doesn’t look like I’ll be teaching in 2009.

All I can do is wait and see what the last few days of 2008 hold in store for me. I do have BIG news coming tomorrow, and, of course, I’ll be doing my Year in Review at the end of December. So check back.