Thursday, November 24, 2011

Giving Thanks 2011

So with it being Thanksgiving for 2011, I thought I would take a moment and express what I’m thankful for this year. Now, there are two main things I’m thankful for: The work I’ve been fortunate to get AND my amazing family and friends!

Now, I’ll list out what I’ve been working on this year in a moment, but more important than all the work, is how awesome the people I have in my life are. I’ve been fortunate to see my relationship with my family get a little stronger. With my parents and my brother, I’ve felt more love and support recently than I have in a long time, as well as support for my chosen career path. Also, I’m more than thankful for my awesome friends. They keep me sane when my world falls apart, they keep my smiling when I’ve fought off the tears, and reminded me to stay strong when things get stressful… They are amazing!!! Plus, there are my friends who share work with me! Whether it be forwarding me job info, hiring me for work, or working side-by-side on set, you all make what I do the best career in the world! I truly love and cherish those I call MY FRIENDS! I do NOT take any of you for granted! Thank You All!!!

Now, this year has been busy. Each year the work load get a little larger, the number of projects gets a little longer, and the projects get bigger! God, I love what I do!!! So here is a list of what I’ve work on this year, pretty much in order:

I attended the 2011 Sundance Film Festival as Egyptian Theater Manager
Redneck Wedding –(Fredericktown, MO)–CMT/Pink Sneakers–TV Show– PA
Innova Commercial – (STL, MO) – Visual Story Group – Commercial – 1st AD
Touchstone Electric Cooperatives – (STL, MO) – Bus 9 – Commercial – PA
Best Thing I ever Ate 5 – (STL, MO) – Food Net/Authentic – TV Show – PA
Damiou Music Video – (STL, MO) – Beautiful Beef – Co-Producer
I attended the Tom Malloy Film Financing Seminar
Vampyras – (Columbia, MO) – MU Films – Feature – 1st AD
The Philly Kid – (Baton Rouge, LA) – After Dark Films – Feature – 2nd AD
Final Witness – (Springfield, IL) – ABC/Lincoln Square Prod. – TV – 2nd AD
The Drunk – (Terre Haute, IN) – Tanoos/Fleschner Prod. – Feature – 1st AD
Call Me on Tuesday – (Sauget, IL) – Kalinga Prod. – Feature – 2nd 2nd AD
The Bathroom Door – (STL, MO) – Inspired Productions – Short – 1st AD
Truth Music Video – (STL, MO) – Beautiful Beef – Steadicam Op
Breakout Kings –(Baton Rouge, LA)–20th Cent. Fox/A&E–TV Show– Set PA

WOW… What a GREAT YEAR! And Breakout Kings will be shooting through February 2012, so I’ll be working on the show for a while, and still be heading to the 2012 Sundance Film Festival. So even now, I can say 2012 looks to be a GREAT year as well!!! I’m even planning a few of my own productions! Lots on the horizon!

Thank You All! I love you all and the support you shown me this year! Stay in Touch and let me know what you’ve been up to! I’d love to hear from everyone! Happy Thanksgiving!!!!

Oh yeah, and the Cardinals won the World Series!!! 11 in '11!!!

Thursday, September 1, 2011

September… Seriously!!!

WOW! Where does the year go? It’s the beginning of September. Feels like I just posted my June blog yesterday. But sadly, it was 3 months ago. Let’s play a little catch up.

So, since last we spoke, I have completed both the ABC TV Show ‘Final Witness’. The episode I worked on should be episode 2 and should air in early 2012. Next, I got back in mid August from Terre Haute, Indiana where I worked on the Feature Film ‘The Drunk’. So, for the year there has been a couple days here and there on a couple TV shows and commercials and 4 larger projects (‘Vampyras’; ‘The Philly Kid’; ‘Final Witness’; and ‘The Drunk’) AND IT’S ONLY NOW SEPTEMBER!!!

What’s next: Shooting start just after Labor Day on the Feature film ‘Call Me on Tuesday’ right across the river in Illinois. I knew the project was coming up, and worried I would have a conflict. Because another project pushed back, I was able to jump on board. I’ll be serving as the 2nd 2nd Assistant Director and look forward to the challenge.

On a personal note, I have had a rough couple weeks and would like to take a second to thank all my friends who have helped me keep my head straight. No details, but my girlfriend broke up with me and I haven’t taken it so well. Thanks to all of you have helped and listened.

Now for the rest of the year, It’s All GO, NO QUIT! Not sure what’s in store after this current film, but I keep catching wind of other projects… I’ll be sure to let you know, once I know! Thanks everyone! And be sure to let me know what you think, either with a comment here, on Facebook, on Twitter or a direct Email! I love to hear from everyone! Talk to you all again soon.

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Mid-June Update

So, I am working on being more active at blogging and keeping me friends, fans and followers updated as to what is going on. Well, here goes…

It has only been about two week that I’ve been back in St. Louis. I was a little upset that the class I was supposed to teach was cancelled. Thank you to all of you who contacted me about it as well. I greatly appreciate your caring. But, that door not opening has allowed for two other doors to open.

First, I will be heading to Terre Haute, Indiana to be First Assistant Director on a feature film. I will be leaving shortly after the 4th of July for Tech Scouts and Pre-Production. We are schedule to start shooting one month from today, so I’m getting that excited/scared feeling. It’s normal for me.

Next, something that has been planned for a while is I’ll be helping my friend Russ Bellew with his short film, ‘Purity’, the 1-3 of July. Russ, sorry I’ve been so hard to get a hold of, but rest assured, I’ll be there as much as I can to help. It sucks to say, but sometimes, the paycheck ends up taking priority. Damn need to pay bills! We’ll talk soon and I know make a great, and rather creepily odd, short film.

As great as that is, I just got confirmation that I’m book and working on a TV show next week! I can’t say too much right now about it, but it is a new show for ABC. I’ll be Second AD on the shoot in Springfield, Illinois. I leave earlier this week than expected because I was requested to attend all the tech scouts and be more involved in Prep than originally expected. It’s going to be challenge. There is a lot to shoot, not a lot of time, but I know we can pull it off. When I can give you all more details about the show, I surely will.

But I just feel so blessed to have as much work as I do. I have friends who can’t find jobs, or hate the ones they have. I keep getting calls and referrals. The gig on the TV show was a referral from two people I would have never expected, and to both of you, I am greatly and humbly appreciative. It might only be June, but so much has happened this year so far, and the great news is that there is still so much to come. So be sure to keep your eyes open for news in the future about another film I’m working to get locked onto. Also, I will be posting my crowdsfunding entry on in the coming days to help raise production money for the two short films I plan to direct at the end of August. Yep, that’s right! I’ll be jumping in that directors chair myself, but I have to raise the money to shoot first.

Thanks everyone and stay tuned…

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

One Door Not Fully Opened…

Today was supposed to be the start of a new adventure. Today was supposed to be the beginning of a filmmaking class I was supposed to teach. The class would have been at St. Louis Community College at Florissant Valley and been twice a week for six weeks. I was eager and ready for the chance to instill the passion for filmmaking that I have and help new filmmakers begin their own journeys. However, the class did not get enough enrollments on the schools end, and was cancelled. I would have promoted the class and helped encourage people to sign up, but I was waiting on confirmation that everything was signed, sealed and delivered before I opened my mouth about it. I’ve had too many opportunities fall through and by opening my mouth too soon I look foolish. So I sat back and let this one roll on. Well, sadly, it didn’t happen. The possibility is there for another class in the future, probably next summer. I can’t commit to the fall or spring semesters because I move around frequently from project to project. This class was nice, short and sweet: six short weeks. Look like this is one adventure I’ll have to wait on.

There is other news on the way… so check back…

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

June 1… Really? Where did 2011 go?

Seriously, I have been busy. So busy that I’ve been neglecting my blogging and getting you all caught up on what I’ve been doing. I thought I would take a moment before today ended to give you a little info.

I’m currently finishing up work on the feature film ‘The Philly Kid’ in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. I’m the 2nd AD on this show. Previous to this film, I was the 1st AD on the feaure film ‘Vampyras’ in Columbia, Missouri. It was the fourth feature film produced by Mizzou. There is a lot of amazing student talent that came out of that crew! I look forward to working with a lot of them again. I’ve also served as a Production Assistant on ‘Redneck Wedding’, ‘Best Thing I Ever Ate’, and a Bus 9 Produced Commercial shoot; 1st ADed a different commercial ; and assisted a colleague in producing a couple music videos either by loaning equipment or being right there on hand for him. Plus, I was able to attend the Tom Malloy Film Financing Seminar in March. You know me… Never stop learning! Of course, I started the year with Sundance, but you already knew that.

It has been an amazing year so far for work! And, I have had the great pleasure of not only working and making a living doing what love, but also being able to help teach and mentor quite a few people along the way. There is big news in very near future, but until everything is signed on the dotted line, I don’t want to jynx anything. But when I can, I’ll let you know.

Well, I hope that helps get you all caught up. I look forward to being back in St. Louis this coming weekend. I’ll be back to my side job at Bobby’s Place Sports Bar in Valley Park, MO while I’m in town. So be sure to drop by and see me starting next week. With some time planned to be home for a while, I’m finally going to get the ball rolling on a few things I’ve been pushing off until I got the time. Well, it looks like that time is now… Details to come.

Saturday, January 22, 2011


I just read a letter posted to the STL Media Wire Group on Google written by our colleague Mike Ketcher and felt I must stop my Sundance activities for a moment and post it for you all to read. What he says is painfully real and shows that we must stand up and act NOW to save our industry in Missouri. Please read the letter below and take some type of action. I know that I will be sending E-mails and attending the Missouri Motion Media Association's Legislative Day on February 1. I encourage you all to do the same.

You all know I love Missouri and I'm willing to fight to save production in our Great State. I would always much rather work on projects from home, than have to travel in order to find work. Do I love the travel and the ability to see the world while working on film projects? Of course I do. But I would always rather do work in the state I was born and raised in. The state I call home. The state I truly believe, if we all work together and help the industry grow, could be one of the most versatile for Film, Television and Video production. Here is Mike's letter and PLEASE take action NOW and defend our industry in Missouri! Thank you!

Also, PLEASE copy, repost, resend or forward the information below to any and everyone you think should know it. The more of us who stand up and support our industry, the better chance we have of saving it.


Here are two disturbing articles from today's St. Louis Business Journal. Gov. Nixon has betrayed the film and video industry workers and small businesses. He's shown his true hand here by offering Paramount a low-ball deal -- a deal he knew they would not accept -- that will likely send a major film to New Orleans, instead of St. Louis. The action by the governor will mean a loss of millions, if not tens of millions, of dollars to the St. Louis economy this year -- and it's not just the film workers that will suffer. It's the hotels, rental cars, restaurants, bars, dry cleaners, and many other businesses that will lose out.

He's also shown himself to be a two-faced liar; having said just two years ago how much he supported the film industry and the film tax credit in the state.

What's more: The governor, in his January 19 State of the State address recommended a ZERO funding level for the Missouri Film Office. No state -- even economic basket cases like Illinois -- is making such drastic cuts in its support for the film industry. Out of the 40 states that offer film tax incentives, Missouri has the lowest-capped tax incentive there is at $4.5 million.

The industry, in fact, needs a higher cap to compete and draw more business. Jay Nixon is out to destroy an entire industry in the state, only two years after two multi-Oscar nominated films were shot here.


If you're unhappy about this, here's how you can contact the governor's office and let him know what you think, either electronically, by phone, or by e-mail.

Office of Governor Jay Nixon
P.O. Box 720
Jefferson City, MO 65102
Phone: (573) 751-3222

Media Inquiries
Phone: (573) 751-0290

You can also make sure to attend the Motion Media Industry's Legislative Day in Jefferson City on Tuesday, February 1. Here are the details, including signing up for the bus that will be going:

Friday, January 21, 2011

Kickstarting 2011 by Sundancing!

Well, this year seems to be slipping away so quickly. So much is happening. So much is on the table to happen. And, So much is yet to be discovered, developed or thought up. I’m excited.

Well, I should probably make sure I don’t neglect one important thing, the 2011 Sundance Film Festival. For 12 years now, my vacation and Summer camp has been to volunteer for the Sundance Film Festival as the Midnight Manager at the Egyptian Theatre on Main Street. I’m here in Park City and ready to get my year started right.

There is a lot of new developments I’ll unveil as the year goes on, but for now, Let me give you my day by day Voyages at Sundance. Check back daily for more details and reviews from the 2011 Sundance Film Festival. Once I’m back in St. Louis, I’ll begin to unveil my other plans as they roll out.

For now, Happy Sundancing! Tomorrow I’ll get Opening Day (Thursday January 20) and Day 1 (Today, Friday January 21) uploaded for you.

It’s going to be a great year! I’m glad you can join me for the adventures!