Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Farewell 2013

This is it!  2013 is finished.  So of course, here is look back at my year…

It started with me hearing the words “Welcome to the Directors Guild of America!”  Such a great honor.  That was sadly followed a few months later by the loss of my mother.  Truly one of the hardest things I’ll ever have to cope with in my life.  

Now work-wise, it might seem like I didn’t work on as much as in previous years, but I grew a lot with my involvement in the productions I was part of.  Here is a list of that I worked on this year: 

“Dinner and a Movie” by Ron Isley – (St. Louis, MO) – Be Creative – Music Video – 1st AD          

Even & Odd – (Champaign, IL) – Shatterglass Studios/Pens to Lens Student Course – Short Film – 1st AD

The Historian – (Hattiesburg, MS) – Historia Films – Feature Film – 1st AD and Associate Producer            

Resale Royalty – (St. Louis, MO) – Cool Fire Productions/Style Network – Reality TV Program – PA

Double the Life – (St. Louis, MO) – ACE Films/Inspired Productions/Chris Chi – Feature Film – Producer

Emerson Electric – (St. Louis, MO) – Cap Gun Collective – Corporate Video – 1st AD          

The Origins of Wit & Humor – (Chicago, IL) –DimeStore Films/Shatterglass Studios –Feature Film – 1st AD

Sirens – (Chicago, IL) – FOX/USA Network – TV Program – Second Unit: 2nd AD  

Aside from these projects, I’ve also begun working more as a producer on several up-coming projects.  I’ve been meeting with a great team I look forward to be producing with, as well as having more meeting about other producing opportunities.  I also might get credited on a previous project I worked on as a producer on some level for helping them through the distribution process.  Big steps in this direction throughout 2013. 

Now, there was also one other major event that happened this year… I moved to Chicago, Illinois!  That’s right, I took a giant leap of faith and moved to a locale where I feel I will get more and better paying work.  It’s been slow, but I moved at the time of year where I get used to city and be ready for the new season to jump start in the spring.  

Well, that’s sums up 2013… I had a rough year with multiple challenges, but I have faith it will make 2014 that much stronger of year.  Thanks everyone for all your amazing love and support this year!  I look forward to seeing you on the other side!  Happy New Year!