Saturday, June 18, 2011

Mid-June Update

So, I am working on being more active at blogging and keeping me friends, fans and followers updated as to what is going on. Well, here goes…

It has only been about two week that I’ve been back in St. Louis. I was a little upset that the class I was supposed to teach was cancelled. Thank you to all of you who contacted me about it as well. I greatly appreciate your caring. But, that door not opening has allowed for two other doors to open.

First, I will be heading to Terre Haute, Indiana to be First Assistant Director on a feature film. I will be leaving shortly after the 4th of July for Tech Scouts and Pre-Production. We are schedule to start shooting one month from today, so I’m getting that excited/scared feeling. It’s normal for me.

Next, something that has been planned for a while is I’ll be helping my friend Russ Bellew with his short film, ‘Purity’, the 1-3 of July. Russ, sorry I’ve been so hard to get a hold of, but rest assured, I’ll be there as much as I can to help. It sucks to say, but sometimes, the paycheck ends up taking priority. Damn need to pay bills! We’ll talk soon and I know make a great, and rather creepily odd, short film.

As great as that is, I just got confirmation that I’m book and working on a TV show next week! I can’t say too much right now about it, but it is a new show for ABC. I’ll be Second AD on the shoot in Springfield, Illinois. I leave earlier this week than expected because I was requested to attend all the tech scouts and be more involved in Prep than originally expected. It’s going to be challenge. There is a lot to shoot, not a lot of time, but I know we can pull it off. When I can give you all more details about the show, I surely will.

But I just feel so blessed to have as much work as I do. I have friends who can’t find jobs, or hate the ones they have. I keep getting calls and referrals. The gig on the TV show was a referral from two people I would have never expected, and to both of you, I am greatly and humbly appreciative. It might only be June, but so much has happened this year so far, and the great news is that there is still so much to come. So be sure to keep your eyes open for news in the future about another film I’m working to get locked onto. Also, I will be posting my crowdsfunding entry on in the coming days to help raise production money for the two short films I plan to direct at the end of August. Yep, that’s right! I’ll be jumping in that directors chair myself, but I have to raise the money to shoot first.

Thanks everyone and stay tuned…

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