Wednesday, February 13, 2008

The Glidecam Operators Network

I am so happy. I now have pics up on the Glidecam Operators Network page. Please jump over and take a look. The link is:

Just scroll down. The Operators are listed alphabetically, so I am the second one on the list. It is just that little bit more that pushes me forward. Thanks to David at Glidecam for making the process so easy.

Operating a Glidecam, or any steadi-camera system, is always hard work. It takes lots of practice and practical use to get more proficient at it. I enjoy it and hope I can continue to get more work with my Glidecam. I have also been made aware of a new Glidecam system that will be a perfect upgrade to what I already use. I'm looking forward to that later this year. Thank again to Glidecam and please drop by and check out the pictures.

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