Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Motivation and Procrastination

Yeah… I know I’m fighting a battle to find work and get the work I have on my table finished. I am just really struggling to find motivation and fight off my damn procrastination. I wish that motivation was bottled up like Vitamin-water and I could just chug it down. Sadly, it isn’t. I just need to stay focused and off the damn couch so that I can get things accomplished. Prior to getting sick at the beginning of the month, I was REALLY motivated. I was cranking along. Learning the Adobe software I have on my computer thanks to Lynda.com and beginning to see the results in the projects I have at hand. However, somewhere throughout July I went *BLAH* again. It sucks. I need to get back on track and get the few projects I have on the table finished so that I can move on to new and bigger projects. Do me a favor and feed me all the motivation you all can so that I can stay on track. Thanks to all of you who already do, and an early thanks to those who will take the time to write me a comment or message and help kick me in the ass and stay on track. I got to run. Talk to you soon.

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