Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Working in California!

Well, I’m not sure who all I’ve told, so I wanted to make sure that everyone knew what I was up to. I am currently in California working on an independent feature film, Confined. It is about aliens attacking a small farm. It has a great up-an-coming cast and I’m working with an AMAZING crew from all over the world. The interesting detail is that I was brought to California to work on the project. That is quite impressive in my opinion. The project is being directed by the two writers. This is new experience, but Adrian and Eric are both so seamlessly on the same page. I’ve heard horror stories about working with director teams, but this is certainly NOT one of them. Most of the film takes place at night, so most of our shoot is taking place overnight. That is pretty tough. Trying to keep in touch with people back in St. Louis with the hours and time difference is posing a challenge. Overall, I’m having a great time. I still have a few weeks here, then I’m heading home in search of my next project to work on. So any input, please pass it my way.

On a few side notes, I am most of the way done with the new www.acefilms.com I’m hoping to have it finished before I get back to St. Louis. I did load the audio demo of my radio show, Prime Time with Mark and Tone, to our MySpace page, www.myspace.com/primetimewithmarkandtone. So please jump over and give it a listen. I hope to also have other audio clips up soon, both on the Prime Time page and my page as well. I know I don’t leave myself a lot of time, but I’m making the most of it.

Well, I have to head back to set and another long day of work. I’m going to work on having pictures soon and I’ll keep you all posted about everything else getting updated and uploaded. Thanks for all your support and please keep your comments and messages coming. The help keep me focused more than you know. Talk to you all in a few days.

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