Wednesday, October 29, 2008

MY Muse

In this installment of the MY List, I am going to get into MY Muse, or my creative inspiration.

Now, I don’t think it is any one person who I see as MY Muse. I know it helps when I have a girlfriend because I bounce ideas off her more often. Good or Bad, whoever I call my girlfriend usually hears all my crazy thoughts. But, being single now, I try and bounce my ideas off specific friends. It’s no offense to anyone, but I bounce idea off certain people over others. I just choose to bounce ideas of friend who can give me feedback and help me develop them.

Now where does my inspiration come from? ANYWHERE! And that is NO exaggeration. I could be driving, sitting in a meeting or seminar, working a non-film related job, ANYWHERE. These are just a few of the places I have been sparked by inspiration. Once I come up with an idea, I just sit back, talk to myself (Yes, I really do that), and try to build the ideas up into a viable project.

Now, I have some good ideas I am developing. Some are simple and some are more complicated, but none have started shooting yet. I have also been focusing lately on projects that can bring some money in and help me in that very needed category. As much as I won’t get into too much detail about the films I am developing right now, the next installment of The MY List is MY Movies and I already have an idea of what I’ll discuss and what information I’ll let everyone know.

I think the problem I have in this category is finding the motivation to jump up and get projects off the ground and start shooting. Now, several of the projects I have on the table are fairly simple. I could produce them with minimal requirements outside of what I already own. I just lack the “get up and go” to do it. Some of my problem is procrastination, like I discussed in my last Blog. However, a lot of that procrastination in my creative ventures stems from fears I am dealing with.

Now, I know I have two typical fears: Fear of Failure, but also Fear of Success. Yep, two big fears that are entirely normal. I am afraid that what I produce won’t be good enough. It’s that natural doubt in my abilities that holds me back most of all. Having a childhood where I was filled full of doubt doesn’t help either. Next, my fear of success can seem silly, but it stems from the question of “if my work is good enough and I move to the next level, will I be good enough to keep moving forward?” Now I am striving to do everything I can to overcome my fears, and as I work them out, all the support from my friends is truly helping the fears dissipate. THANK YOU ALL!

I do love to hear your comments and support. Your words of encouragement help keep moving forward and in the right direction.

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