Friday, October 24, 2008

Proud to be a Bear, just at Mizzou today

So for those of you who don’t know, I did attend Southwest Missouri State University, now named Missouri State University. However, today I drove from St. Louis to Columbia, MO for a filmmaking seminar at Mizzou (University of Missouri – Columbia). It also happens to be Mizzou’s Homecoming weekend, so there is an HUGE abundance of school spirit all over the place, which is while I’m a little fanatic about being a BEAR, not a TIGER.

The seminar featured sound designer turned true independent filmmaker Kelley Baker. Kelley had done Sound Design on a lot of Gus Van Sant’s movies, including ‘Good Will Hunting’, but desired to more out of his film industry career and focused on making his own movies his way. Now known affectionately as “The Angry Filmmaker”, Kelley had a lot of really good advice for aspiring filmmakers to keep in mind when trying to make their own films. I actually learned a little and had some of creative juices stirred up. Hell, I even came up with an idea for a Short Film while in his seminar. I’ll write more about that once I have something more developed. It’s a pretty easy idea and I should be able to pull a script together in next week or so. After the seminar, I go the chance to chat with Kelley for quite a while and actually feel that I made a great new contact in this crazy industry.

Now, I’m just sitting at Tropical Liquers, sippin on a slushy drink, occasionally getting to chat with my brother Bill. I haven’t forgotten about the MY List blog I need to write, and will try to get it cranked out later tonight for you all.

Well, I’m gonna run. Thanks for stopping by. GO BEARS!

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