Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Week in Review – 2008 Week 9 (Ending March 1)

With me leaving for Chicago at the end of the week, I had a lot to get done and only a few days to get it all done in.

Sunday: Today started on an interesting note. I got to go to brunch with my Girlfriends Family. I think I did pretty well. Tonight was the big event of the weekend. Oscar Night America took place at the Pageant in St. Louis. It is St. Louis’ Official Academy Awards Celebration. My Girlfriend and I got all dressed up and had a great time. We met up with some friends from productions we all worked on together last year, as well as ran into a few friends we haven’t seen in quite a while. Even my radio show partner, Mark Bland, made an appearance. It was a nice way to watch and ‘take part’ in all the Oscar fun.

Monday: Why is it that Mondays are always slow, lazy days that I never seem to get a lot accomplished? Now, tonight I made a trek out to my Girlfriend’s house. She is AWESOME and helped me out. I had to borrow her VERY nice video camera for a shoot on Tuesday. She is so nice for letting me borrow it. Thanks Honey! I also ran by my parents’ house and chatted with them for a bit. We had some ‘Family Business’ to attend to, and everything went as I hoped it would. So, Big Thanks to my parents for that as well! So a rather lazy day actually paid off quite well.

Tuesday: Today I had a shoot with a local marketing / A/V Production house, The Switch (formally The Spark Agency). I do freelance work for them at MasterCard fairly often, but this time we had a corporate meeting shoot at the Sheraton at Westport Plaza. It was a long day, but fairly simple shoot, only about an hour and a half. This was also the reason I had to borrow my AWESOME girlfriend’s camera. Her camera matched the camera they would be bringing so we were able to run 2 cameras.

Wednesday: Wednesdays always start out kind of slow. I got some of my simple E-mail / Phone call business done during the day. And of course, I had the radio show tonight. The show went well. We are still trying to get all the little bumps smoothed out, but we are getting there. Be sure to check the show out. It’s on 89.5 FM KCFV in North County St. Louis every Wednesday night from 7 PM until 11 PM. Sometime we run until Midnight, but usually when there is a Florissant Valley Basketball game, which the station broadcasts.

Thursday: Today was a busy one. It started at about Noon… I know Noon isn’t that early, but I knew I would be working until about 3-4 AM. I did however get up about 10-10:30 AM, if that makes you al feel better. Anyway, first up what a meeting with my landlord. I had to renew my lease on my house. Which went smoothly, but my house payment every month did get raised $100 per month. So that sucked.

Then I raced to North County to get my car fixed. I go to the same shop my dad has been going to for well over a decade. He trusts them and they do pretty good work and will be straight forward with me about what is wrong with my car. For those who are curious, the shop is Ken’s Auto at the corner of Washington and St. Ferdinand in Florissant. I had to get a new tire on my driver-side front, a new wheel bearing on my passenger-side front and both front sets of brakes. I ended up spending about $450 on my car that was COMPLETELY unexpected. I knew I had to get my car fixed, but I wasn’t ready to have to shell out that kind of money, especially right before I had to leave to go out of town.

After my car fiasco, I had a meeting with a friend who will be the new host of my music video program/project, Audaphobia. I have a new plan and approach on how to revive Audaphobia and plan to get the ball rolling a lot harder on it when I get back from Chicago. I am still waiting to hear from the website I sent a proposal to in regards to them partnering with me on the site. I’ll let you all know a lot more as soon as I get more confirmation on everything.

And I also worked at the Nightclub tonight. My days at the club I feel are numbered, and it is in a good way. I feel that by my birthday later this year, I should be able to work solely for myself and in production full time. I’m trying to make that a reality now.

Friday: Today I had a video project pitch meeting. A friend of a friend wanted to pitch me an online video project. However, he had to cancel due to a scheduling conflict he had. We are rescheduling the meeting for when I return to St. Louis.

I’m also drawing a blank about what I actually got done today. Aside from the common E-mail and MySpace work I do daily, what I actually got accomplished is slipping my mind. I know I work at the nightclub tonight. I just know that am trying harder and harder to find more production based work and slowly pull out from the nightclub industry. I’m hoping to make it a reality later this year.

Saturday: Well, it is a brand new month. Today is also the day I drove to Chicago and my roommates moved out and into their own apartment. So all morning was VERY busy. I didn’t get a lot of sleep because I did work last night, and then got up early to pack. My neighbors must have thought I was moving, because I got a few strange looks while my roommates packed up and I carried luggage to my car. I also don’t look forward to having to pay for all the bills myself, but it will be nice to have my place all to myself for a while.

Then of course came the drive to Chicago. WOW, is that a boring drive. Now I made it to Chicago in about 4 hours, which seems to AMAZE people, but it was just under 300 miles, so it didn’t seem that odd to me. But I made it in one piece and without stopping, so now begins a new adventure. Every film I work on is a learning experience and presents new surprises and challenges. I look forward to taking home all that I learn and being more productive because or if back in St. Louis.

Well, enough rambling about my week. Thanks everyone who came by to see how my week was. Check back often, things are always popping up.

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