Monday, March 17, 2008

BIG News From Chicago...

Well, it's almost over. It has been a crazy shoot, and that puts it mildly. Two days remain, and we have a lot to still shoot. But the BIG NEWS IS, I got to jump in front of the camera today!!! Yes, that's right! ME!!! I got to be a featured extra in 2 scenes of the film. One, very prominently with the female lead, Miss Cheryl Ladd. The other is a rather frantic, handheld scene involving someone arriving at a hospital. That scenes has both leads, Barry Bostwick and Cheryl Ladd. The film, if I haven't told you all about it yet is 'For Pete's Sake', formally 'Holiday Baggage', and is being directed by one of the actors, Stephen Polk. I have taken a few pictures on set. Sorry, none of the scenes I was in. I am hoping to have those pictures online when I get home.

I will be returning to St. Louis on Wednesday, and will be right back to working my tail off on all the projects I have going on. Plus, there are two other feature films I am going to try and go work on. More info on those films as things develop.

Thanks to everyone for your INCREDIBLE support. Also, have a Happy St. Patrick's Day!

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