Sunday, March 9, 2008

Week in Review – 2008 Week 8 (Ending February 23)

Sorry this took so long to get online. I have just been SO SWAMPED! Thanks for your patience.

Sunday: I actually had to work at the nightclub. There was a convention in town for a National Organization of Student Activities Associasion for Universities. They brought quite a few people out, including Dennis Haskins who played ‘Mr. Belding’ on ‘Saved By The Bell.’

Monday: Monday I know was slow. I always seem to sleep until WAY into the afternoon. I have NO idea why.

Tuesday: Today I got halfway through Lesson 3 of the Video Professor course I have on Frontpage 2003. I’m hoping to be able to redesign the ACE Films website,, once I finish going through the course. Also, I did call my father today. It was his Birthday! So once again, Happy Birthday Dad.

Wednesday: Tonight we had a production meeting about the radio show I do, PrimeTime with Mark and Tone. It’s on 89.5 FM – KCFV in North County St. Louis. And as always, the show went off with no major problems. We did have a weather warning come through that we had to stop and announce. That was a first for me.

Thursday: Well, Today the weather was REALLY crappy. I just wish I would have known that the nightclub was going to be closed before I went down there. I did all but the last course on Lesson 3 of my Video Professor course, so I’m almost finished and ready to start rebuilding

Friday: Today started off with a GREAT phone call. I was finally confirmed to head to Chicago to work on a film. The Production Supervisor for ‘Edgar Allan Poe’s Ligeia’ that I worked on in December asked me to come work with him on a feature in the Windy City. I’ll be the Second Second – Key Set AD. I’ll be Matt’s Right-Hand Man on set. I feel quite honored that he asked me.

Also, today was my Mom’s Birthday! Yes, my parents’ birthdays are only a few days apart. I planned on making my way out there, but could make it. The weather was still pretty crappy. I did call her though. Happy Birthday again Mom!

Saturday: Today I had to head up to Flo Valley to take the FCC test, once again, to stay on the air at KCFV. Of course, I passed. Then decided to stay and chat at the station for a while. I also was late to work because I had to race back home, change closes and head the Nightclub. We had an EARLY meeting before work. So it really threw my day all off course. But as always, I came home in one piece.

Well, enough rambling about my week. Thanks everyone who came by to see how my week was. Check back often, things are always popping up.

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