Sunday, November 16, 2008

Improving Life and Sad Deaths

Well, I have been meaning to post a blog for sometime now, but have been quite tied up. Aside from still struggling to get back on track financially, I have had a pretty good week or so. But when things go well, something is bound to come crashing down. Damn Murphy’s Law!

Well, on the up side, I was able to get back onto a film set and work a day on a small, no-budget film in St. Louis entitled ‘Bedlam Street’. There are some stills from the shoot in my photo galleries. I was brought on the shoot because I know the AD, Tim Gorry, who is also the GM of KCFV where I do my radio work. I also know actor James Gianoulakis who helped put in a few good words. I came on the film for one day so far to do some Glidecam/Steadicam work and assist with other aspects of the production including assisting the Gaffer with G/E. I hope to be able to get a few more days on the shoot, but only time and my crazy schedule will tell. I truly do miss being on set all day long.

Also, the St. Louis International Film Festival is going on through the 23rd at multiple venues around St. Louis. I worked on three films screening. I was a Co-Producer on ‘Streetballers’, which had a SOLD OUT screening yesterday at the Tivoli; I worked the reshoot for the ending of ‘The Doubtful Martyr’, which screens during St. Louis Filmmaker Showcase Shorts Program 1 on Thursday night at 5 PM at the Tivoli; and I worked the second unit/exterior shoot on ‘The Thacker Case’ up in Alton, IL, which screens on Friday night at the Tivoli. Aside from the screenings for these films, I am working 4 other nights at the Tivoli for SLIFF. I worked the Opening Night this past Thursday and Tonight, Sunday. I still have Monday night and Wednesday night, both at the Tivoli. So I encourage you to come by, say “Hi”, and catch one of the shows screening.

Another big thing in my world, I have decided to push forward on a short film I recently came up with. I have to work a few details out for a location and some resources I need at that location, but I have faith I could be shooting between Thanksgiving and Christmas. I even had a long meeting with the actress I plan to use, and she is excited about the film.

Overall, the past week has been pretty uplifting. Of course I could use more money coming my way. In fact, I even got news about how that might become a reality soon as well. Things have definitely been looking up.

Now for the bad news… As you know, Murphy’s Law always screws with things. Well, I got news Saturday that my Dad’s Sister in Brazil lost her husband. My dad’s Brother-in-Law, my uncle passed away either Friday or Saturday. I don’t have any specific details. Then tonight on my way to the Tivoli to work for SLIFF, I got a phone call asking about a friend posting on his MySpace page. I made one phone call to get details and got the sad truth… A friend, Daniel Rivera, whom I had seen at Mandarin, where he worked, the night before while attending a SLIFF function, died late Saturday night, early Sunday morning. I worked with Danny at Club Buca and Bar 101. I don’t have details other than it was a car accident. Now, I am extremely frightened, because as you know, deaths usually happen in 3s. So I’m afraid of who might be number 3. As a show of respect to Danny, I have changed my profile photo to a special photo created by a friend to honor Danny. I will leave it on the memorial photo for at least Monday, November 17, 2008. I will most likely repost it when I learn more details about services and so forth.

Rest In Peace, Both of You! And DAMN MURPHY’S LAW!

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