Thursday, November 25, 2010

Thanksgiving 2010

So, what am I thankful for… Where do I start?

I am Thankful for my family who want to see me succeed, even if they don’t always know how to show me they are behind me. I am Thankful for the Friends who take the time to listen to me ramble, because God knows I do. My friends also take the time to support projects I’ve worked on, which makes me feel a LOT more important than I really am. I NEED to and could NEVER stop being Thankful for my amazing Network of Colleagues, some are closer to me as Friends and some further, but all of them have allowed me the chance to work so much this year. Which leads me to the fact that I am Supremely Thankful to be working so much, especially in such crazy economic times. Sure, I’m not going to be rich anytime soon, and need keep working to pay off what few debts I have, but I have worked more this year in my Career industry than any previous year so far. It’s hard to believe, but this year I have worked on 10 projects, in 4 different States, over the course of 9 Months, soon to be 10. I am very fortunate and Thankful for everything I’ve received this year and Grateful to those who brought me the opportunities. It sets the bar pretty high for 2011, but I’m sure this is only the beginning. Thank You All!

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