Saturday, January 3, 2009

2009 Supporting Resolutions

To help me meet and achieve my New Year’s Resolutions I have come up with some supporting resolutions. By trying to meet these resolutions I should be able to accomplish my 5 primary resolutions.

1) Fix my financial situation
A) Work each month to get the collections off my credit score.
B) Rebuild my credit by securing viable credit building sources and accounts.
C) Build a savings account.
D) Sell anything with a value that I don’t use anymore, but could make money on.

2) Quit Smoking
A) Take each hour of each day one at a time.

3) Be More Productive
A) Practice at least once per week for at least one hour on my Glidecam.
B) Watch at least one segment of a training video once per day, preferably more than one
segment or a full training video.
C) Update my website at least once per month, after fully updating it to be current and
D) Build and upload new websites on domains that I own and update them at least once per
E) Write one Blog per week.
F) Write something every 48 hours. Whether it is a Blog, narrative, draft of a script or
outline for a project, just write something every 48 hours.
G) Read at least 25 pages or 1 chapter of one of the production books in my library every 48
H) Build a least one project per week, preferably using tips and tricks from the training
videos I watch.
I) Shot something, no matter how small, per week.

4) Get in Shape
A) I plan to exercise at least 5 days per week. Primarily I’ll start with my simple jumping
jacks, sit-ups and push-ups. Maybe I’ll upgrade to a gym later this year.
B) Walk my neighborhood at least 5 days per week.
C) Eat more regularly, and slowly eat better. Also, cut seriously back, if not cut out, fast
food all together.
D) Stretch each morning to increase my flexibility.

5) Clean and Organize my House
A) Pick up, through away and take out the trash more often. Now, I’m not a TOTAL slob,
I’m referring to draft print outs of paperwork or old paperwork, boxes and packaging
from equipment that just haven’t been thrown away yet.
B) Go one section of one room at a time. And work to get a complete room cleaned before I
move on.
C) Set and keep one cleaning day per week. This is the day when I can make big strides in
one day.
D) Clean out one box/tub of paperwork or whatever is in it per week.
E) Sort all my paperwork and file everything away. Sorting bills and paperwork by
year and job will make a HUGE difference and make things easier to find later, if I need
F) Do my Laundry and dishes at least once per week. Easiest would be on my cleaning
house day each week.
G) OK, don’t laugh at this one… But, once a room is cleaned, I plan to dust it once per
month, if not once per week.

Now, I honestly plan to start all of these this weekend. It is only January 3rd, so I’m not too far behind, if at all. Also, some of these will get put on hold when I’m out of town or working on a film. The reason some will get put on hold while on a film set is just because there will so little time once I return home. But, I don’t plan to create excuses for why things are not getting done. If I screw up and slack off, I’ll admit it. I think that by taking things one day at time, I WILL be able to accomplish all my goals.

Tomorrow I will post a few projects I have on the table, as well as what leaps of faith I am planning to take this year. So be sure to come back and check those out.

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