Monday, December 21, 2009

2009, Most Productive Year Ever!

What a year 2009 has been Professionally! I have been fortunate to work on 13 productions and 2 different radio shows. Not all of the productions were in St. Louis. I was able to travel and work in Omaha, NE; Baton Rouge, LA; Champaign, IL; and Decatur, IL. I’ve also served in a variety of capacities from Producer to First Assistant Director to Set Production Assistant. It just always depends on the project. I am truly grateful for all the work I’ve gotten, experience I’ve gained and the new friendships I’ve built.

Of course, I continued to work for both the Sundance Film Festival (year 10) and the St. Louis International Film Festivals (year 7). I was also able to attend the Theatrical Premiere of ‘Streetballers’, which I served as a Co-Producer and Additional Photography on, in BOTH St. Louis and Los Angeles. ‘Streetballers’ is also available on DVD now!

This has truly been my most productive year EVER and the future does not seem to be slowing down either. But I’ll get into that later. For now, here is a look at the projects I’ve worked on this year:

Play Dead – (St. Louis, MO) – Inspired Productions – Short Film
– Grip/DIT/Glidecam Operator/B-Camera Operator

Finding Virginia – (Decatur, IL) – Pounded Pavement Productions – Feature Film
– First Assistant Director/Associate Producer

The Great Big Entertainment Show – (St. Louis, MO)– KCFV-FM – Radio Program
– Co-Host

Mothman – (Baton Rouge, LA) – Sci Fi Channel / LAMP – Feature Film
– Second Unit: First Assistant Director /Key Set PA

The Making of a Truly 100% Independent Film – (STL, MO) – MSK Films/ACE Films – Documentary
– Producer

Leading Ladies – (Champaign, IL) – My Pet Piranha Productions – Feature Film
– First Assistant Director

Shakindat by Playboy Ro – (St. Louis, MO) – Ravenworks/ACE Films – Music Video
– Producer/Co-Director/Editor

Paranoia – (St. Louis, MO) – Russell Bellew – Short Film
– Glidecam Operator

Up in the Air – (St. Louis, MO/Omaha, NE) – Paramount Pictures/Montecito Pictures – Feature Film
– Set Production Assistant

Celebration by Verse and Gator Macc featuring Andrea – (St. Louis, MO) – Photo-Kicks – Music Video
– First Assistant Director

Soldier by Jena featuring Andrea – (St. Louis, MO) – Photo-Kicks – Music Video
– First Assistant Director

Belas Artes Mulitcultural Center – (St. Louis, MO) – Commercial
– Videographer

Improving St. Louis/Mayor Slay Campaign – (St. Louis, MO) – ACE Films – Commercial
– Producer/Director/Videographer

Win-Win St. Louis Mayoral Project – (St. Louis, MO) – Thing 1, Thing 2 Productions – Commercial
– Assistant Director

The Morning Jolt – (St. Louis, MO) – KCFV-FM – Radio
– Co-Host

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VanessaMRR said...

Seeing you there every day on my production was so great. I loved working with you- want to do it again soon! Have a terrific new year!