Monday, January 18, 2010

Park City or Bust… For the 11th Time!

So, as I finalize my packing, freak out over what I’m forgetting, and decide to take a moment to think… I realize, I haven’t written anything since the very beginning of the year.

Quick catch up… I am taking each day One Day At A Time! I have not smoked all year… I know… It’s only day 18, but still… I haven’t slipped once. That is better than last year. Also, I have walked my neighborhood (about one full mile) at least every other day. I might even be a little ahead of that right now. I’m building up to jogging and more serious workouts. I feel that becoming a reality when I get back to St. Louis.

Now, I’m about to depart for the airport to head West to Utah. It is hard to believe that this is my 11th year working for the Sundance Film Festival. 11 Years! Damn… Really? I plan to take advantage of everything I can this year and really make strong connections, build upon existing relationships, and learn more as a filmmaker, while doing what I can to advance the projects I am working on.

Also, a HUGE Thank you to my friends over at The South Butt clothing line. They have supplied me with a jacket and beanie with both my logo and theirs to help both of our promotion efforts. I am also looking forward to returning to St. Louis and working with them on some upcoming video projects.

Well, I’m off… Be sure to stop by as I’ll be posting my daily blogs from Sundance, as well as a few movie reviews along the way. I’m excited…

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VanessaMRR said...

Go Tony! I hope to be there with you next year!