Friday, January 1, 2010

First Blog of 2010

As I pondered on what I should make my New Year’s Resolutions for 2010, I kept falling back to one basic principle: Live Each Day, One Day at a Time, and Maximize That Day!

I know it seems simple. I will be putting up my goals for 2010 tomorrow, and they all fall back to this one philosophy that I will put into action this year.

I have some amazing friends in this world who have helped open my eyes to what I am doing and what I am capable of achieving. Reaching goals I never thought I could is part of the plan for this year. Is it possible? You’re damn right it is!

I know that with my own desire to change and make myself a better person I will achieve this goal. And sometime that extra reinforcement from my friends around me is not only helpful and appreciated, but needed. So Thank You in advance for all your help throughout 2010 as I focus on becoming the Man I truly can be!

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Brett said...

You can do it Tony! You're amazing! Brett