Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Sundance 2012 – Day 4

So, today was another day that was hard to get out of bed and get the day started. Today was also the day I realized that the pillows on my bed were most likely feather pillows, which of course, I’m allergic to. FUN! NOT!

I missed some panels I was looking at, but I was able to make it to Dolly’s bookstore on Main Street for a book signing of the book: ‘Selling Your Film Without Selling Your Soul’ by The Film Collaborative, Jon Reiss & Sheri Candler. I was excited because Jon Reiss is also the author of ‘Think Outside the Box Office’ which is an amazing resource. Now, Jon had already taken off (it was believed to go to the Film Independent Party) but I was surprised to discover who The Film Collaborative really is. I met Orly Ravid Co-Executive Director and she was very nice. She even offered the possibility to blog for them sometime in the future. YAY! The surprise to me was the other Co-Executive Director, Jeffery Winter. Jeffery used to work for the Sundance Film Festival assisting with panel discussions and the digital dialogues at the New Frontier which I loved so much. (HINT: Sundance bring back the Digital Dialogues!) It was great to catch up with Jeffery and see where life has taken since Sundance.

Now, I did have to take off from there to head back up to the Egyptian. I offered to help with the special Collective Screening of ‘Reality Bites’ Dir: Ben Stiller. Yes, this is the 1994 film and yes, I said Ben Stiller. I was interesting to hear some of his thoughts after the film during the Q/A / Chat they had. I had to miss the tail end because I assisted with Mr. Stiller leaving the Egyptian once the Q/A was completed.

After that I grabbed a bite to eat and went in at 8:30 for my shift. Our two films this night were: at 9:00 PM ‘Mosquita y Mari’ Dir: Aurora Guerrero and at Midnight ‘Shut Up And Play the Hits’ Dirs: Dylan Southern and Will Lovelace. Once again, I wasn’t able to watch either due to work I had to attend to.

OK… There is Day 4. I’m getting caught up now…

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